‘Married At First Sight’ Expert John Aiken Has A Famous Wife

Who knew?

Married At First Sight expert John Aiken has been busily helping guide the brides and grooms through their relationship ups and downs on for six seasons now. But what do we know about John Aiken’s own love life?

WHO magazine revealed the relationship expert is married to a very familiar face—Kelly Swanson-Roe, a news reporter from New Zealand. 

“She is someone I am very grateful that I met,” Aiken once told 9Honey.

The couple, who share two children together, met 25 years ago. 

According to WHO, John met Kelly in the years after her first husband, Jon Roe, was killed in a canoeing accident in Switzerland.

“She is a very resilient woman and quite inspiring to be around, someone who I look up to and who I have a lot of respect for,” he told 9Honey.

From the start of their own relationship, the expert knew it was important to keep Jon’s memory alive for Kelly.”Rather than saying, ‘No, I need to be separate with Kelly,’ I just said, ‘I’m going to bring her past partner into the relationship and really make him a part of it all’.”

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