Married At First Sight’s Justin And Ashley Spotted On Romantic Date

Are contestants contractually obliged to only date each other for the rest of their lives?

Let’s just rename Married At First Sight and call it Wife Swap, shall we? After Dean and Davina kicked things off with their wicked cheating ways, we’ve had Troy and Carly emerge as a couple, then Tracey and Sean, and now – wait for it – Ashley and Justin.

Not that we can say we’re all that surprised – Justin admitted he was “more attracted to Ash” during the infamous boys’ night episode, and you could practically see Ashley suddenly gain interest when she found that out in last night’s grand finale. Note for Ashley: just because he’s into you, doesn’t mean he’s right for you. But we digress.

The couple were spotted having a harbourside meal at the Park Hyatt in Sydney. A MAFS fan (big thanks, whoever you are) took a sneaky snap and sent it to the Daily Mail, saying that from the outside at least, it looked like a damn awkward first date.

“Both of them kept checking their phones,” they told the Daily Mail. “I watched Ashley scroll through her Instagram comments and they each got up and went to the bathroom a few times.”

(Credit: Instagram)

OK! reports that Justin picked Ashley up from Sydney airport on Friday, took her for dinner, watched the sunset then drove her back to his Rose Bay abode for the night.

Someone needs to tell these people that the experiment is over, and they can go back to dating other people now.

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