MAFS: Troy And Carly Break Their Silence On Their Love Affair

And reveal how they've taken their relationship to the next level

Carly and Troy’s shock entrance—together and holding hands—on last night’s episode of Married At First Sight left many of the contestant’s jaws on the floor.

Of course, we poured over the scandalous photos of the pair in a Melbourne park, but it seemed the other MAFS contestants didn’t see the romance coming.

Now, Troy and Carly have given their first interview together and explained how they really coupled up. Speaking exclusively with Nine, Troy explained that the pair agreed to catch up after the show ended, and realised there was a spark.

“I was sensing it was mutual and was like ‘I’ll go in for the kill. ACTUALLY [Carly], you put the moves on me” he joked.

“I did not! Would you believe that for a second? He definitely put the moves on me,” Carly replied.


Troy added that he felt attracted to Carly early in the season.  

“I admired Carly from early on. When i first saw her I realised she’s a very classy girl. She’s got so much going for her. I admired her from a distance but I was committed to Ashley [Irvin],” he said.

He also admitted it was nice “not to be rejected for a change”.

But can their relationship last the distance? Carly told Nine that her new partner plans to move to Melbourne as soon as next weekend.

“I’m literally going to Sydney, going to his apartment, putting all of his stuff in his car and we’re driving to Melbourne and moving into my place,” she said.

Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa yesterday, Ashley’s sister Summer accused Troy of being “absolutely full of it” and putting on “an act” for the cameras.

“He thinks everyone loves him and that they should love him, that he’s the complete package,” she said, adding that while the rumours of him being a professional actor aren’t true, they may as well be: “he’s so fake – he’s putting on an act.”

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