Married At First Sight: Troy’s ‘Nice Guy’ Persona Is All An Act

Ashley's sister dishes the dirt

Last night on Married at First Sight, Troy and Ashley finally ended their rollercoaster relationship, and, despite recent photos of the groom groping a different contestant in the park, things seemed pretty amicable. 

However, Ashley’s sister, Summer Irvin, has now spoken out, blowing the lid off Troy’s nice guy persona and dishing the dirt on his new relationship with Carly.

Talking to Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Summer says Troy is “absolutely full of it” and is putting on “an act” for the cameras.

“He thinks everyone loves him and that they should love him, that he’s the complete package,” she said, adding that while the rumours of him being a professional actor aren’t true, they may as well be: “he’s so fake – he’s putting on an act.”

“Within five minutes [of meeting him] I was like ‘No, no way’ … Everyone thinks he’s this nice guy, but he’s not — he’s really not. He’s fooling everyone and I feel bad my sister got dragged along,” she continued.

Summer also addressed the photos showing Troy and Carly cuddling in the park, saying that on tonight’s episode viewers see their relationship begin.

“Is [tonight’s episode] the one where Troy and Carly profess their love for each other?” radio host Fitzy asked.

“It’s all out now. Troy’s like Dean 2.0,” Summer shot back.

“Ashley’s really good mates with everyone [from the show], she’s probably seen 90 per cent of them … bar Carly,” she continued.

“I don’t think Ashley’s bitter, it’s just like … ‘Have some class, just wait a couple of weeks until after the show.’ There’s only one reason you’d do that, and it’s to draw attention to yourself, for more publicity … so keep it in your pants.”

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