A ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Has Shared A Coronavirus PSA Inspired By The Show

Call all McDreamy fans!

It looks like a certain star from Grey’s Anatomy is still offering health advice, even after leaving the hit-series. Patrick Dempsey, largely known for playing Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepard for 11 seasons, recently shared a post to his Instagram, encouraging the use of face masks. 

Just like his character, Dempsey’s always a smooth talker, captioning the post with Dr. Shepard’s favourite phrase on the show: “It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives. #WearAMask #COVID19 #YourActionsSaveLives“.

However, quoting Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t Dempsey’s main objective. His recommendation is actually in line with the Centres For Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines, that encourage the use of face masks to avoid spreading COVID-19. 

And it seems that other cast members from the hit-series are educating their fans on the perils of the coronavirus pandemic. Co-star Ellen Pompeo, famously known for her portrayal of Meredith Grey, has stayed active on her social media platforms throughout the pandemic, stressing to her fans about how vital it is to stay home.


In line with their recommendations, fans have taken to other medical dramas like House M.D. to jokingly compare which television doctor would be able to cure the disease first.

Greys Anatomy House

In all seriousness, even as restrictions lift in Australia, it continues to be important to practice social distancing and correct hygienic measures, that way we can work on eradicating the spread of COVID-19. 

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