Pete Evans Reveals His Daughters Started Therapy At 12 Months Old

The celebrity chef opens up about parenting

My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans has opened up about his 20 years using Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), a therapy technique based on the foundations of stress-related responses. 

The celebrity chef also revealed that both of his daughters have been going to sessions since a young age, with the eldest starting at just 12 months old. 

“It’s something I do with the kids from time to time ever since they were basically one-year-old,” Evans said on an episode of news.com.au’s Balls Deep podcast series“I have no guilt whatsoever about the lifestyle that I choose to live.”

Evans went on to explain that the sessions are “just like taking your car in to get serviced.”

“Some people, like myself, like to take our minds or brains in to get emotional work and releasing done to help navigate this world that we live in.”

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“In my journey as a human being … I have experienced many different forms of nourishment for the body, mind and spirit. I’ve never seen a psychiatrist or a psychologist [because] I see different types of people in that emotional space.

“It’s helped me a great deal and helped different members of my family, and I’ve seen the results these people have so why would I not want to include my children?”

“Some people might look at that in different light, but I would say don’t knock it until you try it.”

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