6 Things You Had No Idea Went Wrong At Prince Charles And Diana’s Wedding

A royal flub

From an outsider’s perspective, the wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer might have seemed completely without flaws. From her fairy-tale dress, to her glittering tiara, and all the pomp and circumstance of being a royal wedding, it was—by all accounts—a perfect day.

But what you might not have seen is that quite a few things went wrong throughout the day.

Hardly without hitches, the 1981 nuptials had a few small bumps along the way, from a spilt bottle of perfume, to a verbal mishap at the altar.

Here, six things you had no idea went wrong when Charles, Prince of Wales, wed the Lady Diana Spencer.

1. Diana Got Charles’ Name Wrong

Prince Charles and Diana at their wedding
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In a little flub that reportedly ‘endeared Lady Diana to all of England,’ the nervous bride accidentally got her groom’s name wrong. When it came time to recite her vows, Diana inadvertently reversed his two first names and called him “Philip Charles” Arthur George, instead of “Charles Philip” Arthur George.

Luckily everyone has happy to attribute her mistakes to jitters.

2. Diana Spilt An Entire Bottle Of Perfume On Her Dress

Prince Charles and Diana at their wedding
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According to a royal insider, as Diana was getting dressed for the day, she spilled an entire bottle of perfume on her wedding dress. The perfume was made by the official royal parfumeur, House of Houbigant.

At least she smelt sweet!

3. Diana Had A Huge Headache The Entire Day

Princess Diana on her wedding day
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Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, revealed in 2010 that Diana had a “cracking headache” the entire day because she was so unused to wearing a heavy tiara.

For her big day, Diana forwent wearing one of the Queen’s tiaras in favour of wearing her family’s heirloom Spencer Tiara. Charles Spencer noted the weight was a problem.

“In the evening we all went to a sort of semi-private party, and she was there, and she seemed incredibly relaxed and happy and I just remember she had a cracking headache too, because she wasn’t used to wearing a tiara all morning,” he told ET.

4. Charles Missed A Word In His Vows

Prince Charles and Diana at the altar
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It wasn’t only Diana who made a little misstep in the vows. While reciting his vows, Prince Charles accidentally changed a bit of the wording. Instead of offering Diana “my worldly goods,” he said the slightly more eyebrow raising, “thy goods”.

5. The Tiny Carriage Wrinkled Diana’s Dress

Princess Diana in the carriage on her wedding day

As was the style in the ’80s, Diana’s wedding dress was quite monstrous in size. The ivory silk taffeta and lace dress boasted a full skirt, big puffy sleeves, and—of course—a 25-foot train.

When Lady Diana and her father, John Spencer, travelled to St Paul’s Cathedral, they took the Queen’s ceremonial Glass Coach, which—in addition to being very stately—is also very small.

By the time Diana arrived at the church, her dress was noticeably wrinkled and her train creased.

6. A Bridesmaid Tripped And Started Crying

Prince Charles and Diana at their wedding

Like Kate Middleton and Prince William, Diana and Charles also had a little problem with one of their bridesmaids. Clementine Hambro, great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill and one of Diana’s former students, tripped and fell, after which she started crying.

Lady Diana is said to have bent down and asked her if she had “bumped her bottom.” Clementine then reportedly cheered up.

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