Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Immediately Bonded Because Of This

Their pasts have more in common than you might think

With the royal wedding just a couple of months away, talk has turned to what drew Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to each other. According to their friends, it’s simple: they bonded over heartbreak (permission to shed a quiet tear).

Sources have told E! that Harry and Meghan’s “similar struggles” as children of divorced parents brought them together.

Meghan’s parents divorced when she was six years old (leaving her with an extended family who just love to rat on their high-flying sister to the tabloids) while Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated when Prince Harry was eight.

“For Meghan and Harry, their similar struggles seem to have helped cement their connection,” the source says.

royals christmas
(Credit: Getty)

It’s a situation Prince Harry alluded to after the couple spent Christmas 2017 with the royal family at Sandringham. “There’s always that family part of Christmas,” he began. “It’s the family I suppose she’s never had.”

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