Does Princess Charlotte Look More Like Prince William Or The Queen?

A new royal portait of the young princess has sparked discussion

While it seems like only yesterday that Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot and began their family, the royal couple actually recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, complete with royal portraits, naturally.

Now, Princess Charlotte reminds us of the continual march of time with the recent celebration of her sixth birthday. Her new royal portrait is causing a stir too—she looks practically identical to her father Prince William.

Here, the image in question for you to see for yourself:

Princess Charlotte smiling

The photo of Princess Charlotte was taken by Kate Middleton herself, according to royal reporter Emily Nash. “She is the image of her father!” wrote one commenter, while another said, “Her eyes still look like the Queen.”

Shall we make a quick comparison?

Princess Charlotte vs. Prince William

Princess Charlotte Prince William comparison photos

We can definitely see a lot of similar features between Princess Charlotte and her father Prince William. Hardly a surprise of course, but the resemblance is quite striking.

Princess Charlotte vs. Queen Elizabeth II 

Princess Charlotte Queen Elizabeth looks comparison photos

Meanwhile, the comparison between Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth also reveals a similarity but we think the former is much more obvious.

Regardless of who you think she looks more like, warm birthday wishes to the young Princess!

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