In Hindsight, Priyanka Actually Dropped A Few Hints That She And Nick Were Expecting

If only we'd followed that breadcrumb trail.

Over the weekend, we learned that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have welcomed their first child via surrogate. While the news felt incredibly surprising (especially given the breakup rumours that had been swirling), the world is obviously overjoyed for the happy couple. Naturally though, we’ve started to look back on the past 9 months with a more critical eye, deciphering quotes and photos for potential clues that might’ve prepared us for the news. And, as it turns out, Priyanka actually dropped a few hints that the couple were soon-to-be parents. 


The family roast

During the recent Netflix family special, Jonas Brothers Family Roast, Priyanka made a pregnancy joke that was a major hint about things to come. During her roast, the actress joked that her and Nick were the only couple of the three to not have any children, before adding, “which is why I’m excited to make this announcement. Sorry, babe. We’re expecting…“to get drunk tonight! And sleep in tomorrow!”

While it seemed like a throwaway comment, Nick did appear rather shocked, which makes sense given their surrogacy journey would have been in full-swing at this point. 

After stopping his heart for a second, Priyanka made a joke that her husband looked incredibly worried, with Nick saying, “Yeah, I was a bit concerned.” 

Unsurprisingly, Twitter comments exploded soon after the Netflix premiere, with one user writing, ‘Priyanka Chopra was definitely not kidding when she said they were expecting a baby in Jonas Brothers Family Roast’.


The Instagram hints 

A closer look at Priyanka’s Instagram reveals even more hints that the couple were expecting. Just two weeks ago, the actress uploaded a photo dump from their new year celebrations, with the caption reading: ‘So grateful for family and friends. Here’s to celebrating life.’ 

The mother-of-ones Instagram bio also now reads, ‘There is a first time for everything.’ 

All the talk about ‘new life’ and ‘first times’ is certainly very telling now, but hindsight is 20/20. 

In a very recent interview with Vanity Fair earlier this month, Priyanka swiftly dodged a question about her desire to start a family. 

“They’re a big part of our desire for the future,” she said. “By God’s grace, when it happens, it happens,” she told the publication, when asked if her and Nick had a desire to start a family anytime soon. 


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcomed their daughter, Willa, into the world in July 2020. As we know, they kept the entire pregnancy very private, even after photos of an obviously pregnant Sophie were released, they still didn’t confirm if they were expecting or not. It’s highly likely that Priyanka and Nick have taken a page out of Sophie and Joe’s private pregnancy playbook, opting to keep the whole thing very discreet until it was all done and dusted. 

While Priyanka and Nick have asked for privacy during this very special family time, TMZ has reported that the couple welcomed a baby girl into the world. Neither of them have officially confirmed any specifics, but we can’t wait for a peep at what we know will be a very cute baby. 

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