In A Wild Twist, MAFS’ Sam Ball Has Released Footage Of Lizzie Fat-Shaming Him At Their Wedding

And it's causing quite the stir

Married At First Sight’s Sam Ball, who infamously cheated on his TV bride Elizabeth Sobinoff with fellow contestant Ines Basic, has taken to Instagram this week to release footage that he claims proves Lizzie fat-shamed him, following his own negative comments made at their 2019 nuptial’s. 

Sam became Australia’s biggest villain following his MAFS wedding, where he described his new wife as “a little bigger” than those he usually dates, as well as shared his plans to take her “running”, which, understandably caused a backlash at the time. 

On February 3, the 28-year-old former reality star shared a clip that showed Lizzie making negative comments about his weight. The footage, which was a teaser to the pair’s wedding, shows Lizzie spotting her groom ahead of the ceremony and asking her bridesmaid, “Does he look porky? He look tubby.” 

Alongside the video, Sam wrote: “I don’t want to go into this but the fact the show is on in other countries and the reunion was on in Australia the last two nights I feel responsible to do so and set this straight because I want to keep living and enjoying the positive life I have without talking about this to every person I meet 😂

“Juicy part 😂… I didn’t watch the reunion, apparently I got brought on again for my ‘fat-shaming’… I was the villain and that is fine, it’s a shame they didn’t show all the funny things that went on but either way I hope you enjoyed the show. I have copped it online and got painted with a brush for over 2 years while I’ve been gagged, not able to speak on this whilst others pushed to make me out to be the horrible man I was, without showing what really went on and the actual truth. I wasn’t allowed to talk to media nothing!” 

He continued, “This is a two way street, but nobody seemed to care or even hear other parts of the story just how bad I was and believe all the BS, you don’t have to like me that is okay but at least be smart enough to think and listen and put all the facts together before constantly sending me death threats, abuse and just random shit because some are so invested in a show. I’ve got time and love for anyone but at least go about it the right way.” 

While Lizzie has yet to respond to Sam’s footage, she used the Grand Reunion on February 1 to share her reflections over the past two years. 

His comments, the weight comments, have still trickled over. I never escaped that, and I don’t think I ever will be able to escape that,” she told experts Mel Schilling and John Aiken. 

“Every day, every day walking down the street, not a day goes by my weight is not questioned thanks to this person,” she continued. “I will never forgive that person. For not apologising, and acting like, ‘Oh, it’s not a big deal.’ It is. Every day, I can never escape that, being the former fat girl.”

Interestingly, even the couple’s celebrant Glenn Millanta spoke up to defend Sam. 

“I’m glad you said something as it’s been bothering me too,” he wrote underneath the footage. “I wasn’t impressed with her comments either or her bridesmaids calling me tubby. Everybody just needs to remember to be kind.” 

Sam also spoke up this week to claim the Channel Nine social experiment was “scripted” and producers had told him what to say and how to act. 

“‘I thought Lizzie was a lovely girl, I was trying to give her positive compliments until they told me to say what was said, so that’s what happened,” he said.

He went on to suggest that producers had encouraged him to make such comments,. 

“I didn’t want to fat-shame her at all, that’s not what my intentions were. They were the ones who said, ‘Sam, she’s a big girl mate, what are you doing?!’ That’s messed up, they shouldn’t do it, it’s all bullsh*t.” 

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