Scott Disick Has Spoken Out On His Relationship With Sofia Richie For The First Time

This is what he had to say

On this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The KardashiansScott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian took in the news that they might be “soulmates”, at least according to Mas Joko, a local Bali healer they visited on their family vacation. 

Disick, who has been dating Sofia Richie for over a year, spoke out on what that meant for their relationship. 

“I don’t really know what to think. I’m in another relationship,” Disick said, via People. “I just want to take whatever good away from it that I can.”

“I just really wasn’t expecting that this is what was going to come out of this reading,” Kourtney said. “I feel really claustrophobic or something. We’ve come to such a good place, we’re finally able to travel together as a family. There are so many positives. But the whole soulmate thing comes up…I don’t know. It’s just a lot to think about.”

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Khloé Kardashian later mentioned to Disick that if she were Sofia Richie, she’d be “insecure” about his relationship with Kourtney. Disick explained that Richie knew this is what came with dating him.

“I mean, Sofia knew going into this that I was extremely close with Kourtney,” he explained. “She was like, ‘Listen, I will never get between you and your family and your children. Just speak to me and make me comfortable’.”

Khloé went on to ask how Sofia would react to the news he and Kourtney were “soulmates”. 

“I definitely don’t want to disrespect my relationship with Sofia because it means a lot to me,” Scott said. “Whether Kourtney and I are soulmates or not, I feel like I owe a lot to Kourtney for the times that I missed when I wasn’t the best partner to her. So I feel like I will forever be making up for that lost time for the rest of her life.”

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He continued, “I think at first when you hear soulmates, you assume two people must be together. We obviously aren’t, and we’re doing very well.”

“I think it’s unbelievable that me and Kourtney are able to live the way we are and to be able to open up to each other. A lot of people, including us, didn’t know that we were going to be able to do it. I thank God every day for it because my kids and my family are the most important thing to me. At the end of the day, I don’t want to hurt anybody. Sofia knows that we’re raising three kids together and until our kids are 100, I’ll still be making sure that Kourtney and my kids are a priority in my life.”

Kourtney later admitted in the episode that she believes they are soulmates in a sense: “I don’t know what the definition of soulmate is, but Scott and I, we’re going to be in each other’s lives forever. We are soulmates, in a sense. No matter what, whether we’re ever together or not.”

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Following the episode airing, Kourtney took to Instagram to share an update on the former couple’s relationship. 

“I’m so proud of the place we’re at as parents to our children now and all the work we’ve put into getting here,” she wrote. 

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