Twitter Is Having A Heated Debate On ‘Sex & The City’s’ Big, Aiden And Steve

A collective game of 'who'd you rather?'

It’s a debate as old as time, (or at least, as old as 1998 when Sex And The City first hit our screens). Who would you rather? Mr Big, Aiden Shaw or Steve Brady. Twitter is, like us, bored in isolation and decided to play the game: “F*ck, marry, kill: Steve, Big, or Aidan?” 

We’ll bite. 

The question has understandably set off a boatload of debate, with users quarrelling over which of the iconic SATC love interests is the perfect candidate for each category. 

Aiden Shaw, the furniture designer Carrie almost marries, is the traditional one who just wanted to start a family and live ‘happily ever after’. While he seemed like the perfect guy, time would tell he was controlling (making Carrie quit smoking and pressuring her into an engagement) and well, dull. 

Steve is a bartender turned bar owner whom Miranda eventually marries. He’s nice, funny, and a Knicks fan. While he cheats on Miranda in the 2008 film adaptation of the series, the couple eventually reunites on the Brooklyn Bridge and all is well. 

Big is Carrie’s “epic love”, a financier with a fear of commitment. Throughout their decade-long relationship, Carrie and Big continuously push each other away, before eventually finding the forever after. 


It all started with a tweet from one Twitter user, posing the question. It didn’t take long for people to jump in – sharing the reasons behind their decisions. 

Honourable mention has to go to Harry Goldenblatt, who as one states is the rightful winner. 


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