Fans Seem To Think Taylor Swift Is Preparing To Announce Her Engagement To Joe Alwyn

As far as fan theories go, this one is pretty convincing

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have managed to keep their relationship under wraps ever since they began dating three years ago, but following the release of her latest album folklore fans are convinced the couple is preparing to make a very special announcement.

While many songs on the surprise album were first slated as breakup anthems, Swift is known for her ability to innately weave hidden meanings throughout various aspects of her songwriting – which is why it’s not hard to assume that within folklore’s tracklist lies some details about her relationship with Alwyn. 

One hidden meaning fans have deduced: Swift and Alwyn are engaged. 

Here’s an investigation into the fan theory: 

Swift’s Bonus Track ‘The Lakes’ Will Hold The Announcement

The speculation began when Swift announced she would be releasing a not-yet-heard bonus song ‘The Lakes’, which is only available to purchase on taylorswift.com via a physical copy. The item is not due to ship out for several weeks and is only going to a select number of fans who choose to purchase it. The theory that’s emerged claims within that physical copy is an announcement that the couple is engaged, which is not unusual for Swift to want her loyal fans to be the first to hear such important news in her life – as opposed to it being announced via the media. 

One fan wrote to Reddit: “Taylor has been really focused on sharing details and special events with her fans first, avoiding the press. It makes perfect sense that Taylor and Joe with their super-private relationship would want to share this news with us, the committed fans who buy the deluxe album, first.” 

The First And Last Words Of The Album 

When folklore first dropped, fans were quick to dissect each and every word Swift wrote – because as we know with the singer, they are often filled with intention. Another Reddit fan theory pointed out that the first-word sung on the album is “I” in ‘The 1’ and the last word sung is “Do” in ‘The Hoax’. Put together, it’s pretty convincing that Swift is trying to tell fans her answer to Alwyn’s proposal. 

*That* Engagement Ring 

When Swift’s Netflix documentary Miss Americana drooped on January 31, fans noticed that the singer was wearing a particular piece of jewellery on her left hand. While she now chooses to wear that ring on various other fingers, it made another appearance in the newly released video clip for ‘Cardigan’. 

While we won’t know for sure until the deluxe album is delivered to fans, it’s so far pretty convincing. 

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