“He Is The Sweetest Soul”: Teresa Palmer Spills On Working With Ryan Gosling

marie claire Australia chatted to the actress on the Cartier red carpet.

Teresa Palmer is back on Australian soil, and it’s for one fairly incredible reason. The Adelaide-born actress and mother of five is shooting a new film  —  The Fall Guy  alongside Ryan Gosling, whom many Sydney-siders have already spotted filming around the city

“I just flew in a few days ago,” the actress beamed to marie claire Australia, on the red carpet for Cartier’s Sydney store opening.

“I’m here to shoot a movie for Universal called The Fall Guy with Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt and Aaron-Taylor Johnson.”  

It’s nothing if not an incredible cast list, with Palmer starring alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. For her, the experience has been surreal, with the actress continuing to work on the project for the next few months. 

“It’s been amazing,” she said.  “I’ve only shot one day so far and I pop in and out over the next few months. It’s epic, it’s action, David Leitch is the director and he did Bullet Train so it’s very much in the vein of that heightened action.” 

Bullet Train, which premiered this year and starred Johnson and Brad Pitt, hit $100 million at the American box office and maintained the number one spot for two consecutive weeks, so with Leitch at the helm, The Fall Guy should achieve similar accolades. 

“It’s been funny, lots of improv and keeping me on my toes,” Palmer said, of her onset experience.  

marie claire Australia spoke to Palmer at Cartier’s Sydney store opening

The Fall Guy is currently scheduled for a March 1, 2024 release, with filming in full swing. The film is an adaptation of the 1980s series of the same name, following a washed-up stuntman who finds himself working on a film alongside the star he doubled for long ago, who ended up replacing him. The star then goes missing.. .and chaos ensues.

According to Wikipedia, Gosling will star as the stuntman, Johnson as the missing movie star and Blunt as a prosthetic makeup artist with a romantic connection to Gosling. Palmer’s role is currently undisclosed. 

As for what it’s been like working alongside one of the industry’s biggest heartthrobs, Palmer has nothing but praise to sing for Gosling. 

“I know his wife Eva [Mendes], so I feel like I know him because I know her,” she said. “He’s the most kind, gentle soul, such a beautiful, kind person. My first takeaway was that he was just so grounded and kind.” 

Of course, Palmer is no stranger to working alongside Hollywood’s most adored men. Back in 2013, she worked with The Great’s Nicholas Hoult and in 2016, starred opposite Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge, so she’s held some fairly enviable roles throughout her time on the big screen. 

Palmer and Garfield in ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

Given that marie claire Australia’s chat with Palmer took place on the red carpet for Cartier’s highly-anticipated Sydney store opening, it only made sense that a conversation around jewellery would ensue. The actress’ first memory of jewellery comes from her step-mum, whose Princess Diana-esque ring has stuck in Palmer’s mind all these years later, for obvious reasons. 

“My step-mum got a replica of the Princess Diana ring,” she explained. “The iconic one with the blue sapphire. She would wear it all the time and had about 12 really fancy diamond rings that she always used to wear.” 

“I’ve worked with Cartier over the years and they’re such an iconic company with beautiful pieces,” she said. “Tonight I’m wearing the high jewellery which is really exciting because the panther is one of their most iconic looks.”  

Many would know that the Panthère de Cartier has become synonymous with the luxury brand, who have created entire collections around this one, very powerful emblem of power and freedom. Whether it’s a certain paving, gem mounting or the Panthère head itself, the emblem manifests in a variety of breathtaking designs which embody the spirit of the brand. 

“It’s so bling, glam and high fashion,” Palmer said, of the chosen Cartier pieces for the evening. But, while she’s a long-time fan and friend of the brand, she still manages to inject parts of her personality into the finished look. 

“I like to wear something a little bit rock n’ roll, have the hair a bit messy to offset the high glamour of the jewels,” she explained, of her aesthetic. “So I’m wearing Christian Dior tonight and I’ve got the straps out to bring a little bit of edge… I always like doing something a little bit offbeat.”  

While walking through the outfit, all eyes were immediately drawn to her long, mismatched nails, which were worthy of an explanation of their own. 

“This is for the role,” she said, laughing to camera and holding up her hand, showing off three navy nails, one gold and one leopard-print. 

We have no idea what this might mean for her upcoming role in The Fall Guy, but consider our interest piqued. 

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