‘The Bachelor’s’ Laurina Fleure Feels “Humiliated” After Compromising Video Snorting Mystery Powder Leaked

The ex-reality star has released a statement

The Bachelor’s Laurina Fleure, who appeared on Blake Garvey’s season of the reality franchise, has issued a statement after footage of her snorting a mystery powder leaked over the weekend. 

In the video, which was posted on Instagram account celeb_spellcheck, the 36-year-old reality star can be seen snorting a white powder while at a party with friends, before stepping back and saying, “I did it.” 

Reportedly filmed at a party in Melbourne on Saturday night, the clip has quickly amassed more than 119,000 views. 

On Sunday, Laurina spoke to The Herald Sunsaying she was “humiliated” by the video. 

“I feel sick. I am humiliated. I don’t know what else to say. I am really embarrassed,” she told the publication. 


The I’m A Celebrity star added that while she tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle, she’s recently fallen back into partying. 

“I always aspire to live a sober life just mainly for beauty and anti-ageing, and things like that, but there is also balance in life too,” she said. “Sometimes I try to be absolutely as good as I can and then the scales tip the other way and I have a blowout sometimes when I go out.”

Laurina finished by telling the publication she’s now more determined than ever to remain sober and focus on her health. 

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