Angie Kent Says That Carlin Sterritt’s Religious Beliefs Were The Real Reason Why They Broke Up

"He was very religious and had all these ideas that I should be a certain way when I wasn’t"

While only a handful of Bachelor and Bachelorette couples have remained together since the finale, learning that the pair you were rooting for have broken up can still send shock waves.

And when it comes to the recent split between former Bachelorette Angie Kent and her winner, Carlin Sterritt, the real reason for their split has only just surfaced.

Having announced their split in July, one year after filming their finale of the show, Angie just revealed what really happened between the pair on the Kyle & Jackie O Show.

“We were so smitten with each other on the show, but we were so different [out in the real world]. Both of us were different,” Angie told the radio duo.

“I’m always myself, but he got to see me full throttle, and I was stressed after the show too. He was very religious and had all these ideas that I should be a certain way when I wasn’t.”

“I don’t want to be with somebody who wants me to change. I want somebody to love me for me,” the TV star added.


Revealing that she’s still single, Angie made sure to add that she’s not ready to “jump into” another relationship just yet.

“I’m not cuddling with anyone, I’m so boring. Carlin and I only broke up a few moths ago, and I don’t want to jump straight into something else. I don’t know if I trust yet.”

Despite Angie revealing her version of events, back in September, Carlin previously spoke out about his slightly different take on why their relationship ended.

Speaking on the How to Life podcast, he explained how he apparently began to feel increasingly insecure about Angie’s friendships with other men, especially ones in the public eye.

The 31-year-old also admitted that apparently Angie had been regularly texting her Bachelorette runner-up Timm Hanly following the show’s finale—despite Timm and Angie clearly being on quite questionable terms.

“She really cared for Tim. They were kinda messaging a little bit [after filming wrapped last year]. I was trying to play it cool, like ‘It’s fine, it’s all good’,” he admitted.

“I was trying to be nice and do the right thing… And just more and more they were messaging each other. And it really started to eat away [at me].”

Carlin continued: “Then she goes onto the next show, Dancing With The Stars, and she’s with this handsome Italian dude. And I was like, ‘Yeah, this is not easy’. He’s a good-looking dude and she would train for five hours a day with this dude and then fly to Melbourne [for live shows].”

“So I’m like, ‘You spend so much more time with this guy and I’m still feeling pretty shit about having just watched you mack on with all these other dudes [on The Bachelorette]’.”

“I wasn’t ready for it. We had a pretty good run and I’d always own up to it and apologise if I was acting out on my insecurities.”

And while the personal trainer stressed that their break up wasn’t Angie’s fault, he did reveal that he was addressing his personal issues with therapy. And with all this hearsay from both parties, it’s impossible to know who is being truthful.

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