The Best Twitter Reactions From The 5th Episode Of ‘The Bachelorette’

Stand-up comedy on a date? No, thank you

What’s more terrifying than going up against a group of 15 other good looking men to win the attention of the woman you like on national TV? Doing so by performing a stand-up comedy routine – in front of all the other men, the woman you like, a bar full of people, oh and the nation of Australia. That’s right, on last night’s group date, the men were made to compete in a battle of the laughs by doing a stand-up comedy routine, which, naturally frontrunners and national treasures Timm and Ciarran aced.

Other than that? Three men were sent packing, Angie went on on a date with Ryan, ‘The Aussie Dog Guy’, and Jamie got grumpy (again). But without further adieu, what you all came for: the best memes of the night.

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