The Awkward Moment That Had ‘The Project’ Hosts Scrambling To Recover

“You really need to go”

Last night on The Projectcomedian Tom Gleeson made an appearance to talk about why he thought Family Feud host Grant Denyer should win the Gold Logie.

Gleeson made several references to Family Feud’s low ratings during the chat, before Carrie Bickmore thanked the comedian for coming on The Project, attempting to bring the segment to an end. 

“Why get angry, when you can get behind the poor little bastard? So I thought let’s get him the Gold Logie because it’s perfect,” Gleeson said. “Let’s push the Logies to its most absurd extreme ever and give the Gold Logie to a guy that doesn’t have a TV show. It’s beautiful.”

But, to the surprise of the show’s hosts, at the end of the chat Gleeson refused to budge from his seat.

“You really need to go,” Carrie said with Pete Helliar awkwardly adding: “You’ve got to go mate.”

“No, I’m staying here, Denyer for gold!” Gleeson replied, giving a thumbs up.

Ever the professional, Carrie wiped the confused look off her face and told the producers to “roll the tape” for the next segment. But when the next guests, The Rubens, made their appearance, Gleeson was still at the desk, talking over the music and the questions for the band. 

Finally, it was all over when the credits rolled and Masterchef began.

Eek, looks like this is one person who won’t be invited back on the show anytime soon. 

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