Is Tony Armstrong (Australia’s Collective Boyfriend) Single Or Not? An Investigation

Very important journalism here.

Another day, another obsession with someone in the Australian circuit. It’s exhausting living in a country with so many good looking people, but equally, it’s very exciting. 

The latest fascination is Tony Armstrong ⁠— ABC News Breakfast presenter, ex-Australian rules footballer and apple of everyone’s eye. After taking out the 2022 Logie for Most Popular New Talent, quite literally nobody can argue that he’s not the man of the hour, which naturally raises questions around his relationship status. 

Is he single? Happy married? What’s the deal? 

Below, we investigate. 

tony armstrong

Cutting right to the chase, it appears as though Mr Armstrong is currently single. There’s no trace of a partner on his social media accounts and he hasn’t publicly appeared with anyone for the last few months. 

He did however, recently state that despite the nationwide obsession, he won’t ever be nominating himself to appear on The Bachelor. Speaking to TV WEEK at the Logie Awards, Tony revealed why the show is definitely not on the cards for him. 

“I can’t organise a meeting,” he joked. “I couldn’t organise a relationship on national TV!”

Then, when asked what his thoughts were on being declared a national heartthrob, he responded: 

“I’m fat, I’m old … I’ve got bags under my eyes…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” he joked.

The sense of humour card is only making everyone love him more, but maybe that was his plan all along…

tony armstrong

Recently appearing as the cover star for Stellar magazine, Armstrong spoke candidly about his love life and romantic plans for the future. 

“If I had a secret wife I’d been hiding all this time, do you think I’d tell you?” he joked, before adding where he’s thought about proposing when he finally finds that special someone. 

“It’s got to be someone pretty special and I suppose I’ve got to be in a space where I can also give them what they need … I don’t want anything. The only, you know, money worries I’ve got are, ‘Can I service my mortgage and live a life I want to?’

“Everything other than that, I think, is superfluous. I’m just trying to remind myself to enjoy the ride and not buy into things when they’re going well. And not buy into it completely when they aren’t,” he continued. 

It seems that the most important woman in his life right now may very well be his mum. Armstrong is a loud and proud supporter of his mother, Margaret Anne Armstrong, whom he labelled a “superstar” during his Logies acceptance speech. 

“She’s done everything for me… I wouldn’t be up here without her,” he said. 

We’re not crying, you’re crying. 

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