This Is Why Prince William And Kate Middleton Have Delayed The Royal Baby Name Announcement

Actually, this makes sense

Despite announcing the their first two children’s names just two days after their arrival, Prince William and Kate Middleton are keeping us waiting a little longer to find out that of their third. While the world was waiting with bated breath yesterday for the announcement of the new prince’s name, we’re all still yet to hear the news.

As Wednesday was ANZAC Day, it’s thought that the announcement was put on hold as a mark of respect for the proceedings.

Despite having a two-day old newborn at home, a tired-looking Prince William still attended yesterday’s ceremony at Westminster Abbey, along with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (very good effort on his part).

At the service, Prince William told reporters that the royal baby is “behaving himself” and overall, doing “well”. 

Bookies have tipped Arthur, Albert and James as the most likely candidates for the newborn’s moniker, with Alexander also appearing to be a popular choice. Will today be the day we find out the baby’s name? We can only hope.

A version of this article originally appeared on marie claire UK.

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