Heartbreak High’s Chloé Hayden Steps Back From Social Media Citing “Horrific” Abuse

"My platforms were built to be a welcoming, safe, open haven, and my mission has always been kindness and love."
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Heartbreak High actress and advocate Chloé Hayden is stepping back from social media following “horrific” online abuse including death threats.

The Australian talent took to Instagram to condemn the trolls and bullies, releasing a statement that her accounts would now be monitored by her team, with the vitriolic messages deleted and reported to federal authorities.

“Over the last year, I have been inundated with several dozen death threats, detailed suicide prompts and horrific, intricate abuse each and every day,” the star wrote in a post to her 243K followers.

“It’s inescapable, and is deeply effecting my mental and physical well-being,” she continued.

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Hayden, who has autism and ADHD, has been an outspoken advocate for people with neurodivergence and people with a disability. She even gave a speech on the topic at marie claire’s recent ‘Power Talks’ event.

“Different is something that is so important and so powerful and so incredible,” she said on the stage.

“No one has ever made a change by being the same, no one has ever done anything by being the same and every single woman in this room tonight is showcasing that and showcasing just how important and brilliant and incredible ‘different’ is.”

When announcing her break from social media, Hayden took the opportunity to re-iterate that difference should be celebrated, not torn down. She asked any of her followers receiving similar hateful messages to report it.

“It is vital for you all to know that this behaviour isn’t tolerated; I’m aware multiple of you have received similar messages, and I urge you to do the same,” she wrote.

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She also touched on the intersection between mental health and autism.

“Autistic people are nine times more likely to die by suicide. Because of this, my life expectancy is 35,” she revealed. “I refuse to allow my platform to contribute to that statistic.

“My platforms were built to be a welcoming, safe, open haven, and my mission has always been kindness and love. It devastates me that these values aren’t being shown right now,” she said.

More power to you Chloé.

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