A ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Has Opened A Bakery Called You Know Nothing Jon Dough

Just wait ‘til you see what he’s selling

Cast your minds back to Game of Thrones season three – when baking apprentice Hot Pie made Arya Stark a loaf of bread in the (admittedly vague) shape of a direwolf.

In an amazing case of life imitating art, the actor who plays Hot Pie, Ben Hawkey, has now opened a bakery – aptly named You Know Nothing Jon Dough. We are not even kidding.

And this is what he’s selling:

game of thrones bakery
(Credit: Deliveroo)
game of thrones bakery
(Credit: Deliveroo)

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Direwolf loaves.

Unfortunately, the bakery is based in London, where Deliveroo are sending the freshly baked loaves all over town.

According to a press release, they’re made from whole wheat cornbread and orange zest, and are best served warm with butter.

This is the best thing we’ve seen since Butter Beer.

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