Last minute or well planned? Discover your festive shopping style

Tap into your purchasing-predictors and shop smarter, pronto!

Whether you embrace the festive season in all its tinsel glory or dread the first moment you hear ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, everyone’s December to-do list has one thing in common: gift shopping.

Understanding your shopping personality is the first step towards making the process smoother, but really, how well do you know your purchasing predictors?

Research from global payments and shopping service Klarna, creators of the all-in-one-shopping app, has identified five distinct festive personalities – The Enthusiast, The Master of Festivities, The Gatherer, The Pragmatist and The Nay-Sleigher.

“We explored key behavioural research on which parts of our psychology are impacting our attitudes and feelings towards the holiday season and our approach to shopping for gifts,” said Consumer Psychologist Kate Nightingale. And what they found was more than just insightful – it was downright helpful. Read on to find the personality that most closely matches your own and get tips for shopping smarter this Christmas.

The Enthusiast

As far as you’re concerned, all the other days of the year are just leading up to the main event. You LOVE the festive season.

By November 1, you’re humming festive tunes. By December 1st, your social calendar is full and you’re living for it.

You genuinely enjoy shopping for gifts and put your heart and soul into finding the perfect present for everyone on your list.

SHOPPING TIPS: Don’t let your excitement blow your budget. Hunt for great deals online and keep track of your spending.

While you love transforming your home into a festive paradise, you also have an eye for environmentally sustainable Christmas décor and wrapping. Invest in decorations that can be reused each year and explore newer and greener options such as fabric gift wrap and crafts to make your own holiday cards.

Bridget Jones

Master of Festivities

You’re the holiday social butterfly. You spend the season rounding up the troops and spreading cheer from party to party.

Friends, family, co-workers, strangers — no one is left off your list, and you work tirelessly to make sure everyone has fun.

However, you find it stressful when obligations get in the way of your good time, so it’s important to be organised.

SHOPPING TIPS: Avoid the angst by starting your shopping early. An all-in-one shopping app like Klarna can be handy, as it offers everything from online wish lists, to pay in 4, and delivery tracking all in the one place.

While you love spreading the Christmas cheer, don’t let your generous spirit put a hole in your savings. Stick to small gifts for those who aren’t in your inner circle – it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag.

The Gatherer

For you, the holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones.

Traditions are fun, but what really matters to you is that everyone is together, shouting about who cheated at Scrabble or baking something festive that you spotted on Instagram or TikTok.

You don’t love shopping, but you do enjoy getting people thoughtful and meaningful presents.

SHOPPING TIPS: You’re the kind of person who purchases gifts intuitively. You’ll know it when you see it. Even better if it’s on sale. You may not be a planner, but you do love a deal. Create a gift collection within the Klarna app and be alerted to any price drops so you can bag a bargain minus the crowds.

The Pragmatist

You have a very sensible approach to the holidays, splitting your time between family, friends, and co-workers.

You like the festive energy, the magic in the air, the traditions, but you don’t go overboard because who has time for that? You make shopping for gifts easier by setting a budget for your purchases, and you love a deal.

You strive to give meaningful, environmentally sustainable gifts but, at the end of the day, what’s most important to you is that you and your loved ones celebrate together.

SHOPPING TIPS: As the sensible one, your approach is organised and practical. Reduce packaging excess by coordinating your online orders by category or merchant. An added bonus to this approach is that retailers may offer discounts, reduced shipping costs or free delivery on multiple purchases.

Bridget Jones Merry Christmas

The Nay-Sleigher

The festive season is fine, but you’re not really into the hype of it all. You might even find it a tad dull.

You float through December, dodging overly festive co-workers, obligations, and rom coms. If you do celebrate, it’s usually with family or people you consider to be family.

You’re not super into shopping, so when you give gifts they’re usually less planned and more spontaneous. But in the end, it’s the thought that counts, right?!

SHOPPING TIPS: You may not be the biggest Christmas buff, but you’re all about the trends. Keep yourself motivated by seeking out design-forward gifts and Instagram-inspired products. If you’ve left things until the last minute, buy a gift card, museum or movie tickets, or gift certificates to restaurants or beauty salons.

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