The First Official Portrait Of King Frederik And Queen Mary Of Denmark Is Here

It's the couple's first official portrait since ascending the Danish throne.
King Frederik And Queen Mary Of DenmarkThe Royal House of Denmark

The Royal House Of Denmark has released the first official portrait of King Frederik X of Denmark and his Australian born wife Queen Mary since ascending the Danish throne in January.

The royal portrait, which was taken by photographer Steen Evald at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, will be hung in various state institutions, including at Danish embassies around the world.

Queen Mary and King Frederik.
King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark. (Credit: Steen Evald)

In the portrait, the royal couple are shown wearing the Order of the Elephant, Denmark’s oldest and most distinguished royal order of chivalry, on chains.

Queen Mary is also seen wearing the crown jewels for the first time since ascending the throne.

The set, which includes an emerald tiara, necklace, earrings and a brooch, is one of four jewellery sets at the disposal to the Queen of Denmark.

They were designed by jeweller C.M Weisshaupt and were originally given as a gift from Christian VIII to Queen Caroline Amalie.

While the set’s emeralds and diamonds are partly reused items from the jewellery collection of Christian VI’s Queen Sophie Magdalene.

Usually, the jewels are on display in The Treasury at Rosenburg Castle.

Keeping with Danish tradition that The Queen receives a miniature portrait of The King, Queen Mary is also seen wearing a small portrait of King Frederik.

Queen Mary of Denmark.
Queen Mary of Denmark. (Credit: Steen Evald)

The couple ascended the throne on January 14 2024, after King Frederik’s mother Queen Margrethe II’s abdication after 52 years as monarch.

For Australia, the couple’s ascension to the throne was particularly meaningful.

Originally from Tasmania, Mary famously met the her husband at Sydney’s Slip Inn during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

At the time, Mary was 28 and Prince Frederik was 32.

The couple’s love story saw Mary and Frederik have a long distance relationship for two years before Mary moved to Denmark in 2002, marrying the prince and becoming Princess Mary in 2004.

The couple have four children, Crown Prince Christian, Princess Isabelle and twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent.

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