Everything You Need To Know About The Danish Royal Children

They’re all grown up!
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Even though we swear it could have been last year that the then—Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark gave birth to their first child, Prince Christian, it was actually a whole 18 years ago. Now, as their parents are crowned the King and Queen of Denmark, the four Danish royal children are all (almost) grown up.

Below, everything you need to know about Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, and twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. 

Prince Christian Of Denmark 

Prince Christian
Prince Christian is now eighteen. (Credit: Getty )

The Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Christian is the royal’s eldest child and heir to the Danish throne. Born in 2005, the young royal recently celebrated his eighteenth birthday with a coming-of-age ball in December 2023.

Last year, Prince Christian made the decision to postpone receiving his royal salary (and full time royal duties) until he turns 21. Until then, he’s focusing on his studies Ordup Gymnasium in Copenhagan. The prince is the first Danish royal to attend public school.

Princess Isabella of Denmark

Princess Isabella of Denmark
Princess Isabella of Denmark with her parents. (Credit: Getty)

Princess Isabella is King Frederik and Queen Mary’s second child. The young princess was born in 2007 and is currently 16-years-old.

The Princess currently attends school at Øregård Gymnasium in Hellerup.

Prince Vincent Of Denmark

Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent
Prince Vincent with his twin sister, Princess Josephine. (Credit: Getty)

Prince Vincent is thirteen-years-old, sharing his 2011 birthday with his twin sister Josephine.

The prince currently attends Tranegårdskolen in Hellerup. His siblings attended the same school.

Princess Josephine

Princess Josephine
Princess Josephine is 13-years-old. (Credit: Getty)

Born in 2011, Princess Josephine is currently 13-years-old. The young princess shares a birthday with her twin brother, Prince Vincent. She also attends Tranegårdskolen in Hellerup.

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