Are Kate Middleton’s Perfect Tresses Actually A Wig? An Investigation

With never a strand astray, we couldn’t help but wonder…

Kate Middleton’s fashion and beauty choices are consistently under scrutiny from the general public, and it seems that recently there have been a lot of rumours about her full, glossy, perfectly blown out hair.

The Princess of Wales is known for her enviable chocolate locks, at yet whispers have started online that her never-a-strand-out-of-line ‘do is actually the work of a wig.

Influencers on TikTok have pointed out the difference in the volume of hair the princess seems to have gained over the years, with her hair looking much fuller and glossier. See the difference below.

Middleton back in the 00’s, with her hair considerably thinner. Image: Getty
Middleton pictured in the 2010’s, with a much more voluminous style. Image: Getty

Middleton wig conspiracy theorists also add that the Princess has previously been seen with an alleged ‘wig line’ on show. The photo harks back to her first solo engagement as a royal, a 2011 appearance at Clarence House for a charity event. Middleton was captured in a series of images, with a side-angle revealing a clear line running parallel to her hairline.

Some say it’s a wig, or a hefty extension, however the reality appears much less salacious than that.

Soon after the rumour mill began to swirl, a spokesperson for St James’ palace said the mark was actually a scar, a result of a “childhood operation”.

The photo in question. Image: Getty
Taking a walk around St Andrews as newlyweds. Image: Getty

The scar is also visible in another photo taken in 2011, the year that she married Prince William, on their tour of St Andrews in Scotland.

Kate has never spoken further about the scar, or the operation that led her to have it, talking only of her idyllic childhood alongside sister Pippa Middleton.

Middleton’s hair when she was younger. Image: Getty
Middleton’s hair looking thicker. Image: Getty

Regardless, there’s no denying that the three-inch scar is certainly on the larger side. It actually somewhat matches a similar scar that her husband Prince William carries (and calls his Harry Potter scar), from when he was hit in the head with a golf club as a child.

Matching! Image: Getty

While the difference in her hair’s fullness over time is certainly still fuelling extension rumours, it seems that the scar-wig conspiracy is little more than idle talk.

Case, solved.

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