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Owning, building, and using your personal power without apology is something leading executive and personal coach, speaker and author Kemi Nekvapil is passionate about encouraging in all women.

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Many of us don’t have a positive relationship with power, Kemi acknowledges, but she is on a mission to change this idea and shift the thinking about what power is and who gets to have it in her new Audible Original podcast series, POWER Talks with Kemi Nekvapil.

In the series, Kemi sits down with seven iconic Australian women for a one-on-one power coaching session. Inspired by her bestselling book POWER: A Woman’s Guide to Living and Leading Without Apology, each 30-minute episode brings searching, honest and insightful dialogue to your ears as Kemi assists each of her guests—and her listeners—to understand one specific element of her POWER framework, and how it fits into the bigger picture of their lives.  

Miranda Tapsell Aubible Power Talks
In episode two of POWER Talks, actor, screenwriter and author Miranda Tapsell’s deeply vulnerable conversation with Kemi focusses on the POWER principle of equality.

Hear from Miranda Tapsell in a deeply vulnerable episode as she addresses notions of safety, harnessing anger, and of living without apology; Yumi Stynes who explores ideas around stillness, presence in relationships, and purpose; Abbie Chatfield as she opens up about the themes of control, trust, burnout and knowledge of self; and Maria Thattil on the importance of boundaries in the age of social media and finding delight. Plus, authentic and intimate conversations with Megan Gale, Clare Bowditch and Brooke Blurton.

Kemi knows the feelings of fear, vulnerability and powerlessness firsthand. Growing up in foster care, many times she had the doors to validation and opportunity closed to her because of her race and gender. Learning to make her own choices and use her voice without apology were her first steps towards creating a bold, purpose-filled life.

Kemi Nekvapil Power Coach Audible
Coach and author Kemi Nekvapil encourages women to live and lead fully, without apology.

Now a highly respected executive and personal coach, Kemi and has created a five-step POWER framework to guide other women to build their power and transform their lives through the principles of Presence, Ownership, Wisdom, Equality and Responsibility.

Drawing from her personal lived experience and work with clients, Kemi deconstructs traditional power paradigms. She explores why, as women, we so readily give our power away and shows us how to reclaim our power, and all that’s possible when we build a power-fuelled life.

Unleash Your Personal Power

When we stand uniquely in our own power, we are not fearful of the power of others; we want to elevate, ignite and honour them. This is a mantra that rings true for Kemi.

“As a coach and Dare to Lead™ facilitator, I stand by side with women who aspire to make the world a better place for more people. I have diverse clients who work in diverse industries, such as medicine, the arts, tech, athletes, entrepreneurs, and law… to name a few. The more of us that stand together in using our work and our voices, we create a shared experience of collective power; power can be delightful, regenerative, and healing,” she tells marie claire Australia.

“For me, power within my career is when I get to make and do impactful work, with kind and ambitious people who love fun, with a focus on making the world a better place,” she says.  

And that’s exactly what she’s done with these courageous and honest podcast conversations.

Listen free to the brilliant seven-part series, POWER Talks with Kemi Nekvapil, only on Audible.

Power Talks Kemi Nekvapil

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