‘Fans Can Expect A Beautiful Train Wreck:’ Lucien Laviscount On Emily In Paris Season 4

The Emily in Paris star dispels some season four rumours.

If the departure of Emily in Paris‘ third season left you screaming ‘oh mon dieu!’, cancel your boarding pass because season four is headed into the Bermuda triangle of relationship wreckage.

Following a surprise wedding, a pregnancy reveal and an altar rejection, fans were hoping for a quick resolve for their favourite French saga. However, Lucien Laviscount, who plays British heart throb, Alfie has revealed to to marie claire that a ‘beautiful train wreck’ is instore.

Speaking to marie claire ahead of the hotly anticipated season return, the British actor opens up about what to expect in season four as well as navigating the shows dedicated fan base and finding his own style.

We departed season three of Emily in Paris in the middle of a love triangle between Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Emily (Lily Collins) and your character, Alfie. What can fans expect from season four?

It’s fair to say season three ended with a few cliff hangers. This season those questions definitely get answered. The train doesn’t stop. It’s a little bit more hectic than previous seasons in that true, daring style. This season is also a bit more emotional for Alfie. Fans can expect a beautiful train crash.

The show has seen such huge success and has attracted such a dedicated fan base. What has that been like to be a part of?

I don’t think my feet have been able to touch the ground. Shooting the show was also my first time in Paris. You don’t realise how many people you can touch with what we’re doing until you take on a project of [this] scale. It’s nice to see the reaction when the show comes out and see how far that reaches.

The show is synonymous with its incredible fashion. How would you describe your own personal style?

Versatile and eclectic. I like to experiment with what I’m feeling on the day. People take fashion too seriously. It’s nice to play dress up and keep your inner child alive.

Who are your style icons?

Lenny Kravitz. And David Beckham was such an icon in his own right, especially where I was from in the north of England. I also had this old postman who used to come around, who was the coolest damn postman I’ve ever seen. He just put his own flair into his work uniform … I’m inspired by anyone who stays true to who they are.

You’ve been named on a number of James Bond prediction lists. Who throughout history has been your favourite Bond actor?

Daniel Craig. Although Pierce Brosnan was my Bond introduction.

You starred in Ryan Murphy’s iconic black-comedy series Scream Queens in 2015. What was that like?

That was wild. It was my first step into that level of television that was gonna be seen by so many people. It was scary and daunting and amazing at the same time. Seeing my face on [billboards in] Times Square was flippin’ cool, [as was] working with Jamie Lee Curtis and Keke [Palmer] and all the gang from Ariana [Grande] to Nick [Jonas].

Did you have a favourite Ryan Murphy production?

I loved [the TV series] American Horror Story but I was always kind of scared of them. Ryan has a fearlessness to try things. I don’t think [his team] create for an audience, I think they create what they want to create. And I think audiences just love it.

What role would you love to play next?

I wanted to do an action movie or a romantic comedy and I’m fortunate to have just wrapped both. Last year I was shooting the action film Copperhead and it was amazing. And I have the [rom-com] film This Time Next Year [out soon], which was shot in Rome.

Part one of season four of Emily in Paris returns to Netflix on August 15.

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