Everything You Need To Know About The Matildas’ Next Olympic Qualifiers

We have to wait until February to find out whether our favourite team will be heading to the Paris Olympics.

The Matildas are back on home soil.

Almost three months after the girls won Australia’s hearts with their bid for the Fifa Women’s World Cup, the team has reassembled for the 2024 Olympic qualifiers.

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Stage two of the qualification for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games saw the five highest-ranked teams in Asia—that’s Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, and North Korea—compete with a further seven nations from around the globe. 

The competition was drawn into three different pools, with the Matildas placed in Group A, alongside Iran, the Philippines, and Chinese Taipei. 

After winning all three games in Perth, the Matildas are through to the third and final stage of the Olympic games qualifiers, which will occur in February 2024.

The two winners of that stage will then go on to qualify at the Paris Olympics that same year. If the past few months are anything to go by, the Matildas will have Australia on the edge of their seats as we watch them bid for a place in the 2024 Olympics.

Below, everything you need to know about catching the action.

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When Will The Matilda’s Play Again?

After winning all three games in Perth, the Matildas are through to the final stage of the Olympic games qualifiers, which will happen in February 2024. 

This will see Australia take on Uzbekistan, while Japan and North Korea will compete against each other. 

The countries will verse each other twice—once at home and once away. If the team wins both games then they will automatically make the cut but if they only win one then it will come down to an aggregate score. In this case, away game goals are weighted more than home game goals. 

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Where Will The Matildas Play Their Home Games? 

The Matildas played their second round of qualifiers in Perth, where they enjoyed sold out stadiums. However, Matildas and Arsenal defender Steph Catley has said she would like to see the girls play their third round of home qualifiers at the MCG. 

The only problem is that the Taylor Swift will also be playing at the MCG (and Olympic Stadium) in Sydney in February. 

Football Australia chief executive James Johnson told Channel Nine that he was also excited by the prospect of playing the qualifying tie at the MCG. 

“As soon as we have confirmation of what the match day is we’ll be looking for the biggest stadiums available for the Matildas to play in,” Johnson said.

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