Is Meghan Markle Setting Up A New Beauty Empire To Rival Celeb Brands?

Is Meghan Markle the next Selena Gomez?

New details about Meghan Markle’s new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, have been revealed.

A trademark application obtained by the Daily Mail details a comprehensive list of products that are set to be sold under the brand.

The list includes a a large amount of beauty products, including bath and shower gels, soaps, creams, body lotions, oils, makeup, skincare, and fragrances.

These products are in addition to the previously revealed item, which mainly covered homewares but included cookware, recipe books, gardening products, condiments, and pet products as well.

With yoga mats, stationary and ornaments finding a place on the ever growing list, it seems like the brand is going to have a wide variety of offerings.

Meghan Markle's lifestyle brand.

The real question is: is Meghan Markle to be the next Selena Gomez?

There’s no denying that celebrities setting up beauty brands is a lucrative business. For reference, Rare Beauty was just valued at $3 billion.

Meanwhile, Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty has been valued at a conservative $2.8 billion.

Despite the new beauty slant, it seems that Meghan’s new brand will be lifestyle in nature – potentially also competing with brands like Martha Stewart or even Goop.

The Duchess of Sussex first announced her new business venture this month when she shared a soft focus video of herself within her and Prince Harry’s home in Montecito, California. In the 50 second video, which was posted to the brand’s new Instagram page, she was filmed arranging flowers and stirring a bowl in her cream-toned kitchen.

Followers were also invited to join the website’s waiting list via email.

While we don’t have too many further details on the business as yet, there is a golden calligraphy AR logo for ‘American Riviera’ and it appears to have a neutral colour palette and be based out of Montecito.

This isn’t of course, Markle’s first lifestyle venture. The Duchess used to run a lifestyle blog called The Tig, which she closed a few months before the Duke and Duchess announced their engagement in 2018.

Megan has stirred some controversy online, as the copy on the Instagram states, “by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex”. Some felt that Meghan shouldn’t have chosen to use her royal title ‘Duchess of Sussex’ to promote her new brand, given her family’s alleged rift with Buckingham Palace.

However, it is important to note that ‘Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’ is actually her name since she married Harry as they forfeit a last name. When Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal family, they simply dropped the HRH. 

What Does American Riviera Orchard: Montecito Mean?

The name comes from Prince Harry and Meghan’s town, Montecito, which is located in the Santa Barbara County of California.

The Santa Barbara county is often described as the American Riviera Orchard because of its warm climate and proximity to the ocean.

When Does American Riviera Orchard Launch?

At this stage, we don’t have an official launch date—but we will keep you updated when we do,.

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