Senior Royal Lets Slip Prince William’s Unflattering Nickname

It has to do with his drinking habits.
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We all know that despite being arguably the poshest family in the United Kingdom, the royal family have a quirky, take-each-other-down-a-peg sense of humour.

Their wry approach to jokes was led by the late Queen, who was known for her quick quips and sharp tongue that had even the most stony dignitaries trying to hide a giggle in her presence. It turns out, that extends to the rest of the family as well.

How do we know this? Well, Prince William’s cousin in law Mike Tindall, who is married to Zara Tindall, recently appeared on the Seven: Rob Burrow sports podcast, and let slip the family’s nickname for the future King, Prince William

Mike and Zara Tindall. Image: Getty

They started on the conversation after the Tindall’s were prompted to share their nicknames for one another. They joked that they often call each other ‘munchkin’ or ‘my love’, while Zara will occasionally descend to using Michael’s full name when he’s in trouble.

“He is in my phone as something else, and it ends with ‘kitten’,” she joked, hinting at the saucier side of their relationship.

However, Tindall revealed that while he comes from a professional rugby background where drinking is quite common, alcohol is not Prince William’s forte.

“[I am] coming from a sport where it is built on the social aspect and a couple of beers being sunk quite often,” he continued on the podcast, “That is one I will definitely give away [about] the Prince of Wales. ‘One Pint Willy.’ It’s out there now. Sorry, sir!”

‘One Pint Willy’. Image: Getty

Zara joked that Michael would be “in so much trouble” for revealing William’s nickname, but she did add that “a lot of those nicknames kind of fly around” within the royal family.

‘One Pint Willy’ is not the only royal nickname we’ve heard over the years, with Megan Markle referring to Prince Harry as ‘H’ and Charles and Camilla reportedly referring to themselves as ‘Fred and Gladys’.

We don’t know about you, but we’d love to be a fly on the wall at one of their dinners.

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