7 Personalised Christmas Ornaments Guaranteed To Make This Christmas Special

We've found the sweetest personalised Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree, or to gift someone you love.

If you have ever pored over your parent’s old box of Christmas decorations then you will know just how sentimental these small items can be. They don’t just hold the memories of Christmas’ gone-by but the feelings of excitement, happiness and comfort so often felt at that time of year. 

This might be why so many of us look for personal ornaments of our own, and for our children. Of course, personalising an ornament is the easiest way to make the item memorable for years to come—it’s hard to find that won’t delight on hanging an ornament with their own name on it, on the tree, or a couple that won’t take the time to reminisce over a bauble marking their first Christmas as a married couple.  

Whether you’re looking for a personalised ornament of your own, or one to gift someone you love, we’ve compiled the best personalised Christmas ornaments for 2023.

The Best Personalised Christmas Ornaments 

Reindeer Christmas Ornament 

Christmas ornaments

For those wanting something simple yet personal, you can’t go past this sweet reindeer Christmas ornament. 

Reindeer Christmas Ornament, $25.85 from Hard To Find

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament 


This clear ornament is the perfect item for those wanting to commemorate their child’s first Christmas with something minimalist. 

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament, $26.73 from Hard To Find

Personalised Star Decoration 

personalised ornament

This ceramic star with red and white twine can be personalised by handwriting a message on the unglazed side with a felt pen. This means that you don’t only have your loved ones name on the decoration but their (or your) handwriting too. 

Buy Personalised Star Christmas Decoration, $35.00 from Hard To Find.

Our First Christmas As Mr & Mr

Mr and Mr christmas decor

If you’re celebrating your first Christmas as a married couple (or know another couple who is) then why not commemorate the occasion with a Christmas ornament. The ornament comes in Mr & Mr, Mr & Mrs and Mrs & Mrs variations. 

Our First Christmas As Mr & Mr, $28.00 from Hard To Find

Bamboo Festive Font Name Ornament 

personalised name ornament

The easiest way to include your entire family on the tree is by turning their names into Christmas decorations. 

Bamboo Festive Font Name Ornament, $28.00 from Hard To Find

Personalised Thank You Apple Ornament 

teacher's apple

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your child’s teacher then why not opt from a personalised Christmas ornament with a forever lasting message. 

Personalised Thank You Apple Ornament, $25.00 from Hard To Find

Personalised Wooden Dog Christmas Decoration 

personalised wooden dog christmas decoration

Is there anything cuter than your pet on Christmas? This sweet ornament, with customisable breed silhouettes and messaging, makes sure your four-legged friend is included in all the fun as well. 

Personalised Wooden Dog Christmas Decoration, $29.00 from Hard To Find

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