Selena Gomez Considered Adoption Before She Met Benny Blanco

Her 30's were going to look a lot different...
Selena Gomez Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez has spent the last few years cultivating a successful beauty brand, juggling entrepreneurship with a regular acting gig on Only Murders In The Building and her many charitable endeavours.

But despite her busy schedule, the 31 year old was fully prepared to start having kids by the age of 35, with or without the support of a partner.

“I was alone for five years, and I got really used to it. A lot of people are afraid of being alone and I probably tortured myself in my head for like two years being alone, and then I kind of accepted it,” Gomez recently told Time.

“Then I came up with my plan, which was I was going to adopt at 35 if I had not met anyone,” she went on to say.

However, meet someone she did.

Selena Gomez & Benny Blanco Relationship Timeline

In December of 2023, Gomez pulled back the curtain on her affection for rumoured boyfriend and music producer, Benny Blanco. The multi-hyphenate was found openly liking and commenting responses on fan posts of the pair saying “he is my absolute everything in my heart”. She even hit back at trolls who seemed confused by Gomez’s attraction to Blanco: “I don’t understand. If you actually care about me. This is my happiest. If you don’t feel free to say whatever you want. But I will never allow your words to guide my life. Ever. I’m done. If you can’t accept me at my happiest then don’t be in [m]y life at all.”

Since then, the couple have been unabashedly public about their relationship, with both Blanco and Gomez regularly sharing intimate moments with fans via their respective social media accounts, and laying on the PDA courtside at a Lakers game and various awards show ceremonies in January of 2024.

“Without getting into too much detail, I think it’s just really important to meet someone that respects you,” Gomez told New Music Daily via Apple Music 1 host, Zane Lowe, in February. “And I think it’s really nice to also lean on someone who understands the world that I live in. But I’d have to say overall it’s the safest that I feel and it’s been really lovely and I’ve only grown through it, so it’s awesome.”

Are Selena Gomez & Benny Blanco Pregnant?

Blanco has been vocal about his desire to get married and have kids, specifically with Gomez: “When I look at her… I’m always just like, I don’t know a world where it could be better than this,” he said, during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in May. “People always said this to me, when you know you meet your best friend, she truly is my best friend.”

However, when questioned about Blanco’s statement, Gomez told Time that her boyfriend’s honesty doesn’t shock her anymore: “He can’t lie to save his life. If he’s asked a question, he’ll answer it.”

Gomez, on the other hand, is somewhat cagey as a result of growing up in the public eye.

“I know what people can do to people I love. My own fans, who I adore and feel like have shaped who I am, will say the most hurtful things to me about how I live my life,” she explained to the publication. “But he has the strength in him that none of that noise fazes him. It’s really impressive, and I just cherish every moment with him. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that he’s not going anywhere any time soon.”

Given her hesitancy to share her life with the public, it’s unlikely we’ll be blessed with a pregnancy announcement to rival Hailey and Justin Bieber’s baby bump photoshoot anytime soon. But adoption might still be on the cards for Gomez and her new beau…

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