Can Taylor Swift Physically Attend The Super Bowl Despite Eras Tour Dates?

She’d have to fly from Japan, to Las Vegas and then to Melbourne.
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The minute the final buzzer went on the Chiefs v Ravens game and Taylor Swift rushed onto the field to congratulate her boyfriend Travis Kelce on his team going to the Super Bowl, one question was on the mind of every Swiftie: will Taylor Swift be attending the Super Bowl this year?

While Taylor’s consistent attendance throughout recent months would suggest that she will be there, there is the issue of her own sold out Eras Tour, which is in Japan at that time.

Is it possible for Swift to jet set from Tokyo to watch the game in Las Vegas, and then return to Australia for her next leg of the tour? Let’s break it down.

Can Taylor Swift Attend The 2024 Super Bowl?

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Taylor Swift is performing her Eras Tour in Japan from the 7th to the 10th of February. The Super Bowl is being held on the 11th of February, but in Las Vegas, which is a 13-hour commercial flight away.

It’s important to note that Swift is in possession of a private plane, so whether it will need to make a pit stop in LAX before continuing to Vegas is up in the air. Using average flight times, the journey could be as short as 11 hours.

Her concert kicks off at 6pm, which Swift expected to leave the stage around 11pm on the 10th. Let’s do some conversions:

  • February 10, 11pm JST in Tokyo is February 10, 6am PST in Las Vegas

If you add a 14 hour allowance for the flight and customs, that brings you to 8pm PST on February 10th.

This journey would allow Swift a cushy night’s sleep before going to support her boyfriend at the 2024 Super Bowl. So yes, it is physically possible, if Swift leaves the stage and flies directly to the US, that she could be there.

Doesn’t Swift Have Another Concert?

Taylor Swift
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While the mad dash to Las Vegas is exciting, it would be a big journey for Swift, who needs to make the nearly 18 hour journey from America (assuming Las Vegas) to Melbourne to play her first show on February 16.

The time difference doesn’t do her any favours on the way back either. She’d likely need to leave Las Vegas before Valentine’s Day, on February 13 to be ready to do her show (allowing time to settle in rather than barrelling straight on stage from a long haul flight).

If she leaves at 9pm on February 13 PST (Las Vegas), it will be 3pm in Las Vegas on February 14 by the time she lands.

Looking at the conversion:

  • February 14 at 3pm PST (Vegas) is equivalent to February 15 at 9am AEDT (Melbourne).

She could technically leave the US on the evening of Valentine’s Day, but she’d be cutting it close.

If she did dash back to the Super Bowl, she would have two-and-a-half days with Kelce before needing to leave again, flying a total of 29 hours.

Will Taylor Swift Actually Be At The Super Bowl?

There’s no denying that the above flight schedule is a pretty daunting one. Of course, Swift won’t be cooped up in coach, she’d fly in the comfort and speed of her private plane.

Yet, the journey would take it out on her, and she would need to back it up with a three-night run in Melbourne, and a four-night run in Sydney the following week.

With the tour so jammed in until her Easter break between Asia and Europe, it’s a big commitment for Swift if she does so.

None the less, Swifties are hoping she’ll make the journey, breaking down her travel times on TikTok already.

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