Stylish Suitcase Brands To Invest In For All The Jet-Setting Ahead

Bon voyage!

Now that the Aperol spritzes and gelati of a European summer are calling our (and everyone’s) names, it’s time to invest in chic luggage and travel accessories in anticipation of our next getaway. But while aesthetics are front of mind, so is practicality—particularly when it comes to protecting our possessions throughout long journeys.

Is Soft Or Hard Luggage Better? 

Packing your most-loved belongings into a suitcase only to watch them be transported away, unsure they’ll make it to your final destination safely, can be a daunting feeling. So, opting for the best type of suitcase possible can help ease that travel anxiety (slightly).

Opting for a hard shell suitcase offers greater protection for your precious possessions with the outer shell preventing crushing and potential fabric tears in the luggage. 

Want to up the ante? Aluminium-crafted cases provide greater protection, often being secured with metal latches instead of zippers. 

But which luggage brands will best protect our valuables, while looking cute in the process? Below, we’ve rounded up the most stylish offerings in the market.

The Best Luggage Brands To Shop In Australia


If you love a matching set, you can’t surpass Antler’s chic collection ranging from crossbody and vanity bags to suitcases. Their hard-shell Clifton collection is strong, light, and easy to wheel.


Founded in 1975, this luggage label brings style and substance to its designs with sleek, timeless and durable suitcases, totes, handbags and even golf bags as part of their collection. It’s a one-stop shop when it comes to finding quality luggage for any type of traveller.

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Offering everything from weekend-away totes to the perfect carry on case (complete with a detachable laptop case and ejectable battery), Australian-designed JULY has the perfect option for everyone.

If the quiet luxury aesthetic resonates with your style then some luggage from London-based label Carl Friedrik should be high on your wish list. With expertly crafted and luxuriously made suitcases, soft luggage and accessories they’re well worth the investment.


Taking the best elements of the award-winning FlyLite luggage, Strandbag’s exclusive Nere range has everything you could want in a suitcase in a range of chic colours. Along with the bells and whistles you’d want in a suitcase comes an impressive warranty.

One of the most recognisable luggage brands, you can’t walk through security without spotting at least one of these bags. Coming in a range trendy colours and unique sizes, they stand out when you’re on the move .

Samsonite’s Curv technology has been dubbed nearly indestructible which will ease the mind of any traveller worrying about their cherished belongings being flung around in the undercarriage.


A true icon, the RIMOWA suitcase was the first aluminium case of its kind, first designed over 80 years ago, and revolutionised travel thanks to its lightweight nature. Since then, the brand has continued to innovate and build on the classic piece.

With hanging travel kits, silent glide wheels, TSA-approved locks, and telescopic handles, these luxury bags have everything you need and look chic, too.

Stylish, refined, and built to last, Jett Black offer a range of luggage sizes and shapes complete with accessories to match, if like us, you love that complete look.


Including a range of duffle bags, suitcases, trolleys, and accessories, iconic luxury brand GUCCI offers an extensive women’s travel selection for the seasoned jetsetter.

Designer label Globe-Trotter’s stunningly luxe leather pieces are hand-crafted in England and instantly recognisable, so no more awkward run-ins at the luggage carousel.

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