The Subaru XV: A fun, simple and elegant solution for your small SUV needs.

Subaru landed on a winning format when it turned an Impreza variant into a small SUV.
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The cool looking small SUV.

The Suburu XV is a fun looking car. If the XV was a guest at the same party as you, you’d want to hang out with it all night. It’s not particularly sophisticated or elegant but that’s not why you’re looking at a Suburu. If you want driveabilty, practicality and a bit of ruggedness, this is the car you’re after.

Inside it’s practical and sensible, and even though it’s the top of the range it’s not exactly luxe – though it does have a sunroof for the front seats.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto work very well in the Suburu XV, sometimes it’s a bit tricky to connect or make everything work at once but this system is well installed. With that technology you can plug in for instant access to the main apps on your phone, so you can use maps to navigate and Spotify to listen to music. They’ve also got voice control so you can make calls and send texts without picking up your phone.

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