15 Reasons To Go (Or Stay) Brunette Courtesy Of The A-Listers

Want to mix up your look, whether its a couple of highlights or plunging into the deep (brown). Make like your favourite celebs and take a walk on the darker side.
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Penelope Cruz

It’s no surprise that one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood has one of the sexiest hues, with light a touch of light brown highlights.

Leighton Meester

No headband necessary: Why cover Queen B’s bouncy, brown locks?

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Nina Dobrev

Nina spices up her shiny brown strands with a light balyage to add depth.

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Ashley Green

Not sure whether to go light brown or dark? Why not do both like Ashley Green?

Rachel Bilson

It’s no surprise that the ultimate girl next door no surprises has perfect girl next door hair too.

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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the reigning queen of brunettes, (if not all hair). If The Duchess of Cambridge can’t convince you to go brunette, nothing will.

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Anne Hathaway

If you have deep, brown eyes like Anne Hathaway, why not match your hair colour too!

Margot Robbie

This golden girl can do no wrong, even when she trades in her blonde curls for silky-smooth brown ones.

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Lily Aldridge

From the Victoria Secret runway to every red carpet, Lily’s long ombre locks, never let her down.

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Kendall Jenner

If there was ever anyone blessed with perfect hair it’s Kendall. Super sleek, super shiny and that lusciously deep hue.

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Emily Ratajkowski

A little like Kendall, Emily is the epitome of a perfect brunette with all of the shine.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry proves that it’s not just blondes that have all the fun.

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Jessica Alba

Honestly, Jessica Alba can do no wrong. Her hair is no exception. While she often plays with lighter and darker hues, here Alba shows her lighter side perfect for Spring!

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Alessandra Ambrosio

Short, long, up, Alessandra Ambrosio is not afraid to change up her hair. But there’s one thing the bombshell stays true to, her deep brown locks. Here she mixes them up with some light highlights.

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Miranda Kerr

If anyone does brunette like a boss it’s Miranda Kerr. Is it 80/20. Is it an organic lifestyle? Whatever it is, sign us up? Does Kora organics do shampoo?

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