The Secret To Anna Heinrich’s Glowing Wedding Day Skin

The Bachelor star takes us through her beauty tips and tricks

Winning the heart of the original Bachelor in 2013, Anna Heinrich has become one of Australia’s golden girls. marie claire chatted to her to discover how she got her glowing wedding complexion and her go-to beauty products in the lead up to her big day. 

What was your skincare routine in the lead-up to your wedding?

I have amped up my skincare routine. I started getting the Clear + Brilliant treatments, which is a laser treatment that works in a similar way to a peel and leaves your skin looking brighter, more radiant with a more even skin tone. Before any major event, I will also use the Oral-B 3D white stripes; they add that extra sparkle to your smile. I also focused on eating well plus drinking as much water as possible. I’m aiming to drink at least three to four litres of water a day.  

What did you focus on for your wedding prep?

I focused more on what I put in my body. I tried to eat cleaner and I try to cut back on eating sugar – but it’s certainly hard to eliminate altogether.

What are your tips to keeping your skin in peak condition?

Focus just as much on what you put in your body as you put on it. It’s basic; eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and stay hydrated. Be wary of what you put on your skin. Less is always more. Currently, I use La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream as a day and night moisturiser; a micellar water cleanser, and the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment – you need to experience the treatment at least two to three times with a period of about 6 weeks between each treatment. [It’s about] keeping my skin fresh and radiant without over doing it.

Are you a professional facial kind of girl or do you prefer to DIY?

I’m not a facial kind of girl. If I do get one, it’ll be a couple of times a year only. It’s important to know what works for you and your skin and I think I have my routine worked out for the time being. 

What are the beauty treatments you can’t live without?

Eyelash extensions; it’s a serious addiction and indulgence I can’t live without. I also get SNS on my nails every three weeks. I have a Clear + Brilliant treatment and I visit Amy-Jean – my go-to girl – every 6-8 weeks for an eyebrow tint.

When it comes to your hair, are you a high or low maintenance girl? What is your favourite look/style?

Like my entire beauty regime, I think I’m pretty low maintenance kind of girl….. Aren’t we all!

I do love a messy relaxed look. The more relaxed my hair is, the sexier I feel. I think it’s called bed hair. However, as I get older I seem to experiment with my look more often and love a severe up-do as it can completely change your look and vibe.

Do you have a signature scent?

I love YSL Black Opium though sometimes use one of my all-time favourites, Valentino Donna EDP fragrance. 

If you could only have five makeup products in your makeup bag, what would they be?

  1. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, $57 
  2. “A contour palette.” Try Smashbox Cali Contour Palette, $57. 
  3. Blistex Pearl Soft and Silky Lip Balm, $5.95. 
  4. Oral B 3 D White Luxe Advance Seal Whitening Strips, $34.95. 
  5. “Pinkie brown coloured lipstick”

You’re about to go on a honeymoon. What is the number one summer beauty tip you swear by?

Always wear sunscreen, it’s a given and I’ve learnt the importance of it as I’ve grown older.

What is your top long-haul travel beauty tip? 

Keep your skin (face and body), lips and eyes hydrated.  Remove all makeup before getting some shut eye. Stay away, as much as possible, from consuming alcohol and coffee as it can lead to dehydration. It all comes down to staying hydrated!

What is your exercise of choice?

Walking. Exercise and a catch up with a friend is the absolute best and it’s something I’ll never stop doing.

When you want to detox or unwind, what beauty-related things do you do?

I’m not a massive detoxing type of girl. I try to eat and drink as well as I possibly can at all times. I’ve tried a few juice cleanses, and they’re just not for me. If I was to unwind, I might throw on a clay mask, but it’s a rarity.

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