At-Home Teeth Whitening Has Evolved: Here’s What To Look For

Breakthroughs to smile about.

Nothing says ‘confidence’ like a bright, white beaming smile. But for many of us, the $500+ in-chair treatment, day off work and the thought of managing pain and sensitive teeth post-procedure is enough to wipe the smile right off our dial.

Thankfully, now you can finally get a scientifically-proven whitening serum and toothpaste in-one that’s way more affordable and has seriously noticeable whitening results. 

Meet the new White Glo Optimum Range

A breakthrough in whitening technology, this clinically proven whitening range formulated by dentists is leading the way in home tooth whitening and oral care.

Unlike other whitening toothpastes, White Glo’s new formulation uses innovative Dual Chamber Technology. This allows for the two formulations – the toothpaste for oral care, and the whitening serum, to be stored separately, so when they are squeezed out together, both formulas maintain maximum efficacy and freshness. 

The new White Glo Optimum range has been formulated for even better results. Supplied

How does White Glo’s Optimum range work? 

Together, this duo-blend acts as a holistic whitening treatment. The daily whitening toothpaste formula contains ingredients designed to care for and protect your oral health, while the whitening serum is made up of a 6 per cent Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydroxyapatite blend to whiten and brighten teeth. Hydrogen Peroxide removes the stains embedded in the enamel, while Hydroxyapatite also removes stains, remineralises the enamel, and restores cracks in teeth. Double the love. 

Which White Glo Optimum Toothpaste is right for me?

All toothpastes in the Optimum range contain the same whitening serum, however, each toothpaste has been specifically formulated to target different types of stains. Here’s our perfect-match pearly white enhancer for every occasion and outcome.

Ultimate Finish (watermelon mint) toothpaste contains natural enzymes to whiten teeth up to three shades in just 5 days*.

Perfect for:  The lead up to an event, date, or just enhancing ‘you’ in time for the weekend!  

Express Radiance (grape mint) toothpaste contains micro-polishing particles (Hydrated Silica + Sodium Bicarbonate) to buff away stains. Results are visible from first use*. 

Perfect for: When you need a ‘glo’

Professional Result (fresh mint) toothpaste contains PAP (an organic peracid that dissolves stains) for an advanced whitening boost, and Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, a component of liquorice, which has stain fading properties when brushed onto tooth enamel. Incredibly, this can remove up to 20 years of stains*.

Perfect for: Seriously hard-core stains. This pick will help you achieve in-chair dentist quality whitening, minus the cost.  

Diamond Perfection (ice mint) toothpaste contains a specially formulated shine wax which, when applied to enamel, provides instantly shinier teeth. The results? Up to 80 per cent brighter and whiter* teeth. 

Perfect for: Weddings, parties, birthdays… you’ll be photo-ready in a flash (with the confidence to match).

*individual results may vary

***Clinical, Scientifically Validated | Formulated By Dentists | Proven

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