How To Get Perfectly Tousled Beach Waves, Without Stepping Foot In The Sea

No beach necessary.

Ever since it had a name, beach waves has been one of the most sought-after hairstyles of all time.

And while it’s seemingly been benched in recent years to make way for lob cuts and sleek glass hair, the relaxed, ‘effortless’ and textured style is making a resurgence.

Swapping the classic (and sometimes slightly crunchy) sea salt waves for a smoother finish, the 2021 take emulates the same movement and shape, just slightly more polished. 

And while celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Jessica Alba have always been great points of call for inspiration, even Kate Middleton seems to be a fan of the style, with some of her video correspondence showing her usually bouncy blow-dry traded in for more subdued waves.

Beside the fact that it’s always on-trend (even in the cooler months), the comeback has also been fuelled by people at home learning how to braid, trying sleep and wear styles (like plaiting the hair before bed or tying the section in rags), rather than reaching for hair tools throughout various months of quarantine and lockdown.

It’s a great way to give your hair a break from heat, with a brush out style ready-made in the morning. Although, if it’s a hair tonging step-by-step your after, Bec Judd’s beach wave how-to is one for the files.

That said, even with the royal seal of approval, this beach waves don’t have to require a lot of effort—or, for that matter, a beach.

Below, our favourite products for nailing the look sans any time in the sea.

Lady Jane Salon Pro Beach Waves Styling Brush, $29.99 at Lady Jayne

Lady Jayne Salon Pro Beach Waves Styling Brush

The first-ever hairbrush dedicated to creating beach waves, this styling tool is excellent for producing that tousled, tumbling look without even stepping on the sand. Ideal for medium to long hair, its heat activated ceramic copper barrel allows for even distribution of heat while you’re blow-drying your hair. To nail the look, change the angle of the brush as you blow dry to create different textures in your hair for the perfect beach wave look.

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Hask Curl Care Curl Enhancing Mousse, $14.99 at Priceline

curl enhancing mouuse

Great for creating that undone beach texture, Hask’s Curl Enhancing Mousse is not only going to enhance your curls and build a natural body, but it’s also going to provide strands with a hydrated, soft and frizz free finish. Simply apply to damp hair from roots to ends and scrunch upwards, and for a fuss-free finish, let the curls air-dry or diffuse for a perfectly undone look. 

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Mermade Hair Pro Waver 32mm, $89 at Adore Beauty

Mermade Hair Pro Waver

Not opposed to a little heat? This pretty pink tool is going to be your go-to for quick, one-stop mermaid hair. With three ceramic-tourmaline barrels and an easy-to-use clamp, the Mermade hair wand is specially designed to create big, bouncy waves with minimal effort. It comes with a matching black heat-protectant glove (safety first) and has a swivelling cord so you don’t get too tangled up.

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