The Unexpected Way You Could Be Using Your beautyblender

The iconic makeup sponge is good for more than creating a flawless base

The beautyblender has become a non-negotiable in the makeup kits of professionals, celebrities and consumers alike. The egg shaped sponge is iconic for it’s ability to help achieve a flawless base; using a bouncing like motion to ensure there are no lines or creasing in applying foundation or concealer. It has been revealed however, that there are more ways to use the beautyblender than are commonly known.

Queue: everything from eyeshadow application to nail art to touching up colour on the roots of your hair. Aline Elasmar, global makeup artist for beautyblender explains to Byrdie UK “use the rounded end of a damp Micro Mini to apply a sheer layer of colour to your eyelids. Concentrate on placing product close to the lash line, then use the side of your blender to diffuse the colour towards the crease,” she says.

“You can also use [it] with a matte shadow to touch up roots if you’re in a bind…[or to] erase those annoying deodorant marks from clothing.”

So while the beautyblender may still be the best way to blend your foundation, contour and concealer for a flawless complexion, it may also have just become your go-to for a number of other things too.

Who would’ve thought a makeup sponge could be quite so diverse!

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