We Need To Talk About Bella Hadid’s Eyebrows

Is this ‘90s skinny brow making a comeback?

Ask any woman who lived through the ‘90s to talk about their worst ever eyebrows, and you’ll see the exact same cringe cross their faces. In their minds’ eye? The monstrosity that was the ‘90s skinny brow. Or worse – the dreaded tadpole.

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Long before we swore allegiance to Queen Cara and her particularly bushy set of brows, we all took to our faces with tweezers until there were precious few hairs left above our eyeballs – and bizarrely, we all thought we looked good.

But fast forward to 2017 and it looks like Bella Hadid is bringing the skinny brow back. Even more shocking: it actually looks quite beautiful.

Bella Hadid

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Bella Hadid

Bella naturally has fine, fair brows, and rather than amp them up to Insta-brow proportions, on recent red carpets she has chosen to embrace their natural look.

The slimline style works well with Bella’s colouring and bone structure, and makes a strong case for working with what you’ve got, rather than emulating what you see on someone else.

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