21 Celebrity Tattoos That’ll Either Make You Want Ink Or Want To Avoid It Forever

The cute and not so cute.

Cara Delevingne

At the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Delevingne debuted some new ink on the back of her scalp. Celebrity hair stylist, Mara Roszak later confirmed it was actually grey paint outlined in metallic silver – but still, the model makes a serious case for head ink. 


Selena Gomez

Along with two of 13 Reasons Why‘s breakout stars, Tommy Dorfman (who plays Ryan Shaver) and Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis), Gomez got a semicolon tattoo to represent Project Semicolon, a suicide prevention and mental health awareness organisation.


Image: Instagram


Miley Cyrus

No stranger to tattoos, Cyrus’ latest ink is dedicated to her Shetland Sheepdog, Emu Coyne Cyrus. The ink was done by celebrity tattoo artist, Dr Woo.


Image: Instagram 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga took to Instagram to show her fans some fresh ink. The singer’s new tattoo – which covers almost the entirety of her back – is a moth, with wings spread wide with the head of a skull. Gaga got the tattoo in honour of her performance with the legendary heavy metal band, Metallica, at the 2017 Grammy Awards. 


Image: Instagram

Demi Lovato

Already covered in 20+ tattoos, Demi recently decided to add to her ink collection. After the 2017 Time 100 Gala, Lovato went to celebrity tattoo artist Keith ‘Bang Bang’ McCurd to get the fresh ink done. Demi’s fans were quick to notice the similarities to Cara Delevingne’s lion finger tattoo, also done by Bang Bang. 


Image: Instagram

Behati Prinsloo

After tying the knot with now-husband, Adam Levine, the duo got matching ring finger tattoos of three dots. Prinsloo has stated that it represents being one with earth. 


Paris & Prince Jackson

Paris Jackson took to her Instagram account to share her fresh ink, standing alongside her older brother prince. Prince also posted the same pic to his Instagram with the simple caption, “You are with me and I am with you ❤.” 


Image: Instagram

Tove Lo

Singer Tove Lo has always been open about her sexuality in her music. Her Lady Wood album cover even has vaginas replacing the ‘Os’. Lo took to Instagram to share her new tattoo, a vagina on her right bicep, captioning the photo: “PUSSY IS LIT.” 


Image: Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham

Having a father like David Beckham it should come as no surprise that Brooklyn wanted to get some ink. He recently debuted his first tattoo via his Instagram account, a Native America illustration. The tattoo was done by Mark Mahoney, owner of the popular Hollywood tattoo parlour, Shamrock Social Club. Fun fact: David has a very similar tattoo on his torso, which is probably where Brooklyn got the idea. 


Image: Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham

Just a few days after debuting his Native America tattoo, Brooklyn took to his Instagram account to share even fresher ink, a camera, done by celebrity tattoo artist Dr Woo. 


Image: Instagram

Kylie Jenner

The 19-year-old reality star shared a snap of her new ink to Instagram. Done by tattoo artist Bang Bang, the red ink on her hip features the phonetic spelling of the word ‘sanity.’ The reality star as gone on to get more tattoos, all in red ink. 


Image: Instagram

Kendall Jenner

As her first ever tattoo, Kendall decided to get a small white dot on the inside of her finger. The reality-star rebelled against sister Kim’s wishes, who has said in the past, ‘Don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.” Which translates to, ‘Don’t get a tattoo.’ 


Image: Instagram

Kendall Jenner

After getting a small white dot on her finger, the 21-year-old model decided to add to her small collection and tatted, ‘Meow’, on the inside of her bottom lip. The ink was done by celebrity favourite, Jon Boy. 


Image: Instagram

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has added to her already impressive collection of tattoos with a quirky new inking. The Orange is the New Black actress took to Instagram to reveal she has opted for a paint swatch-inspired design, covering the middle part of her back. 


Image: Instagram

Bella Hadid

Victoria Secret angel, Bella Hadid, decided to commemorate her new angel wings with two small inked wings on the inside of both of her ankles, done by celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy. 


Image: Instagram

Emilia Clarke

In honour of her new movie Me Before You, Emilia Clarke had a little bumblebee inked on her pinky by Dr Woo.


Image: Instagram

Kelly Osbourne

Perhaps this is where Cara got her recent head tattoo inspiration from? Kelly Osbourne had ‘Stories…’ inked onto her scalp.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone and her mum got matching tattoos to celebrate her mother beating cancer. Emma has shared, “My mum’s favourite song is Blackbird by Paul McCartney, and since I’d met him before, I asked him if he’d draw two little bird feet for us, as a tattoo design. And, amazingly enough, he did!”


Lea Michele

Former Glee star Lea Michele posted a picture of a touching new tattoo, a tribute to her late-boyfriend Cory Monteith. The number 5 represents Cory’s character Finn Hudson’s football number in the show. 


Image: Instagram

Cheryl Cole

Back in 2013, the whole world was talking about Cheryl Cole’s massive rose tattoo, that covered her entire butt. The ink was done by tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado. After receiving a lot of backlash for the rose tattoo, Cole tweeted a picture of her new ink with the caption, “Keep calm and smell the roses.”


Image: Twitter

Zac Efron

Efron debuted a new tattoo back in 2011, of the world ‘YOLO’ on his right hand. 

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