A Case For Treating Your Body Like Your Face

Nurture your body with a little TLC for big results

Once upon a time, our bodycare routine pretty much consisted of whatever was discounted at the supermarket. But now it’s a category of beauty that’s on the rise, with brands devoting time, energy and science to products that are not only luxurious, but designed to treat a variety of concerns that can crop up beneath the neck like congestion, dehydration and uneven texture. 

From targeted serums to luxurious shower gels, it’s a trend we’re 110% here for, which is why we’ve put together a six-step routine designed to show your body some love (because it probably deserves it). 

Keep scrolling to discover the marie claire-approved bodycare edit. 

Dry Brushing

goop dry brush

Dry body brushing is thought to have a range of benefits, from improved lymphatic drainage and increased circulation to cellulite reduction and exfoliation. Starting at the feet, move your brush upwards in sweeping, circular motions, concentrating on areas like the butt, upper thighs and backs of the arms. Follow up with a warm shower and a generous amount of your favourite body oil. 

Try: Goop G.TOX Ultimate Brush, $30 at Mecca


dr dennis gross body exfoliant

Prefer a lazier approach to body exfoliation? Try a chemical formula rich in AHAs and BHAs to smooth and soften the skin below the neck. It’s a great method if you’re prone to ingrown hairs or ‘chicken skin’ on the arms and thighs, as well. 

Try: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment, $88 at Mecca.

A Better Shower Gel

minenssey body wash

The quickest way to upgrade your shower experience is with a superlative body wash. Minenssey’s brand new launch is formulated with jojoba, macadamia nut oil, jasmine and honeysuckle for a soft, foamy lather that not only smells divine, but leaves the skin baby soft. 

Try: Minenssey Body Wash, $36 at Minenssey.

Body Serum

necessaire body serum

Body serums are a targeted way to treat any concerns you might have, from dehydration to uneven tone. Nécessaire’s version contains niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and panthenol to plump and care for the skin. Try it under your moisturiser or oil. 

Try: Nécessaire Body Serum, $62 from Nordstrom.


minenssey body lotion

The perfect body lotion is one that’s lightweight but supremely nourishing, smells incredible and is packed with good-for-skin ingredients. Minenssey’s new Body Lotion ticks all of the boxes and then some. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, it’s creamy but quickly absorbed thanks to a base of skin-softening jojoba and macadamia oils. The uplifting fragrance (a blend of honeysuckle, pink grapefruit and jasmine essential oils) is a treat for the senses as well. 

Try: Minenssey Body Lotion, $42 at Minenssey.

Body Firming Lotion


If you’re looking for a lotion that does more than just keep you hydrated, a firming lotion may be the option for you. 

In fact, this endota ‘magic-in-a-bottle’ contains a clinically-proven complex to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks (when used twice daily for 28 days). Infused with peptides, caffeine and hyaluronic acid, this botanical butter-based product is the definition of elevating your skincare routine for your body. 

Try: New Age Body Firming Lotion 180mL, $75 at endota

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