Blessed With Green Eyes? These Eyeshadows Will Work In Perfect Harmony With Your Sparklers

Emerald eyes.

There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect beauty product to accentuate our favourite features. Of course, makeup can offer confidence in any element, but when it comes to our eye colour—particularly green eyes—there are certain items that can help them pop.

First and foremost, congratulations on having a pair of green sparklers, given that they are the rarest eye colour and only make up 2 per cent of the population. And second of all, the striking nature of green eyes might mean that you’re used to popping on a mascara and heading out the door, but knowing which eyeshadows will help your eyes sparkle is on par with having a superpower.

No matter whether you have blue or brown eyes, there are a myriad of hues and shades that will bring attention to the iris, but as we know, there are certain colours that can help get you to that point even faster. 

If you’ve wandered through countless beauty stores, swatching shades on the back of your hand in the hopes of finding the perfect colour for you, fret no more—it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

“Green-eyed beauties most complimentary eyeshadow undertone is red, but don’t be scared!” Elyse Reneau, Executive Global Beauty Director at Too Faced tells marie claire Australia.

“Look for shades of lavender, violet and aubergine and wine tones. Rose gold is also a favourite of mine because it really makes green eyes twinkle!” she suggests.

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The Best Eyeshadow Colours for Green Eyes

According to Reneau, there are plenty of shades that compliment the bold eye colour, and while some make use of the colour wheel theory, it can’t hurt to test the waters of similar shades.

“You can always figure out which shades are complimentary by going old school and looking at a colour wheel choosing the shade family across from your eye colour.”

And if lavenders and wine hues aren’t your thing, she suggests opting for more universally beloved colours, including earthy tones and “colours found in nature like brown, green, grey and soft blues tend to be flattering on everyone.”

When it comes to the classic plum, the shade works to bring both the brown and green out in hazel-hued eyes, whereas bright, opulent gold shades help to accentuate the yellow undertones in golden-green eyes.

If your eyes have a slither of silver in them, try lightening them up with a mauve or a rose-based purple shadow to compliment the grey and green.

But of course, Reneau (and we) also believe that you should feel the freedom to wear whichever colour that you want—no matter what your eye colour is.

“We believe that beauty rules are made to be broken, so if you see a colour that you love you should wear it no matter what colour your eyes are,” she explains. “If it makes you feel beautiful or powerful, it’s the right colour for you.”

Still interested in finding some complimentary shades? Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best, most fun eyeshadows for green eyes.

The Best Eyeshadow Products To Buy for Green Eyes

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Screen Queen Eyeshadow Palette by Zoeva, $18 at Sephora.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Paradise Shine Eye Sequins in ‘Diva’ by Dear Dahlia, $51 at Sephora.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in ‘Martini’ by Tarte, $35 at Sephora.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Master Metals Eyeshadow Palette by Makeup By Mario, $74 at Sephora.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Retro Eyeshadow Palette by Natasha Denona, $106 at Sephora.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Eye Shadow Palette X9 in ‘Burgundy Times Nine’ by M.A.C Cosmetics, $63 at Adore Beauty.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Colour Chameleon in ‘Amethyst Aphrodisiac’ by Charlotte Tilbury, $37 at Charlotte Tilbury.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Mini Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, $49 at Adore Beauty.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

Ethereal Eye Shadow Palette by Too Faced, $71 at Cult Beauty.

Eyeshadows for green eyes

​Born This Way The Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced, $78 at MECCA.

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