The Best Hot Brushes For Noise-Free Blow Outs

The easiest blow out you'll ever do.
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If you’re obsessed with having flicky, blown out hair, then you’ve probably already heard of the hot air brush, a wet-to-dry invention designed to help you get a salon blow out at home.

These hot brushes have gone viral on the internet and for good reason – they’re reasonably inexpensive, they help to cut down styling time and they create a brilliant end result.

However, owners of said hot brushes will tell you that sometimes you don’t want to be blowing your hair wet-to-dry. What do you do if you’ve air dried and then want to style it?

Enter the thermal or infrared hot brush, a heated brush implement used to style dry hair.

Why would you purchase one of these? Well they don’t use any hot air, so they’re extremely quiet, which is a big win for those who find the loud noise of a blow out brush frustrating.

Secondly, they’re really great for styling your hair on any day, not just wash day, meaning you’ll be reaching for it more often.

Thirdly, it’s a brilliant way to touch up for those who have face framing pieces or bangs.

So, without further ado, here are the heated brushes you need to try, stat.

Bondi Boost Infrared Bounce Brush, $155, Bondi Boost

This brush is such a brilliant addition to your bathroom vanity. It has a temperature gauge allowing you to customise the heat to your hair type, and also heats up so quickly. The tool has great hold on the hair as you twist it through but it doesn’t pull out the hair at all.

This brush is designed to reduce heat damage, using the revolutionary power of infrared technology, to evenly shape the hair.

GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush, $295, GHD


The GHD rise is a favourite for a reason, it heats up and has a nice thin barrel that can help you achieve slightly tighter waves than a wider round brush style. Brilliant for styling the fringe sections and with a simple on/off design, it’s a great option.

muk Hot Round Brush, $179.95, Adore Beauty

With two thicknesses of brush attachments, this heated brush offers a lot of versatility. You can choose the heat option that works best for your hair type and really customise the results. We recommend using the smaller barrel on your bangs and the larger barrel throughout your ends.

amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush, $188.10, Cult Beauty


This brush went viral on TikTok and it’s not surprising why. The wider brush shape will offer major volume at the root for a glamourous flicky blow out that you will love.

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