The Best Organic Hair Products For Silky Locks Sans The Chemicals

Nix the nasties.
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In recent years, ‘clean’, ‘green’ and ‘natural’ beauty movements have seen consumers move away from products made from harsh chemicals as well as prioritising brands that put ethical and sustainable practices at the forefront of their process.

Considering the way our skin absorbs products and the impact this can have on our bodies, it’s no wonder many people are making the switch to natural and organic based beauty offerings, particularly hair care.

Gentle on the skin and less likely to cause irritation, organic and natural hair products utilise essential oils, proteins, vitamins, and plant extracts to achieve the same results of many harsher, chemical-based products.

If you’re looking to make the switch, these are our favourite natural and organic hair care products for silky, soft strands sans the nasties.

The Best Organic Beauty Products 

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Abache Organics Density+ Leave-in Hair Growth Serum, $31.96 at Healthylife

If you’re struggling with thinning or hair loss you may want to try a growth serum like this formula from Abache Organics which works to stimulate follicles, densify hair and strengthen the fibres in weak, fragile and flat hair.


Giovanni 2chic Repairing Super Potion Hair Oil Serum, $16.23 at iHerb

If you’re looking to fight frizz or repair damaged, overprocessed hair this smoothing serum made with blackberry and coconut oil will provide the TLC you hair needs.

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Less Is More Lavendar Smooth Balm, $40 at Healthylife

Formulated to protect against heat styling as well as smooth frizz and prevent split ends, this heavenly balm utilises apricot kernel and coconut oil and can be applied to damp hair before styling.


Sans[ceuticals] pH+Shine Corrector, $47 at MECCA

This two-in-one hair tonic works to balance and restore your natural pH and acidity levels to prevent any bacterial or fungal growth associated with dandruff and hair loss while also sealing cuticles and adding shine.


O&M Seven Day Miracle Masque, $42.95 at Adore Beauty

This intensive treatment to repair damaged, dry hair is formulated with O&M’s Signature Oil Blend of organic coconut oil and macadamia oil to nourish and hydrate hair.


Bondi Boost Hair Growth Shampoo, $32.95 at Adore Beauty

Made with aloe vera, saw palmetto and peppermint and free from sulphates, mineral oils and parabens, this shampoo will purify the scalp, unclog pores and promote hair growth for long, lush locks.


GRO Ageless Anti-Grey Hair Serum, $78 at Vegamour

Noticed a few too many greys coming sprouting up? This vegan hair serum works to restore colour and shine to minimise those pesky strands while soothing skin and nourishing the scalp.

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