6 Tried-And-Tested Pimple Patches We Can’t Get Enough Of

The products that actually work.

No matter how regimented your skincare routine, the odd pimple is bound to pop up from time to time. But inevitable or not, it doesn’t change how frustrating they can be, and the urge to tamper with them can be hard to resist. 

In the past, our methods of treating these pesky blemishes have ranged from DIY remedies with less-than-ideal results (we’re looking at you, toothpaste), to a heavy-handed dose of concealer that never seems to actually conceal the spot so much as it does emphasise it. 

But in recent years, a new kind of product has hit the market, with impressive pimple-banishing results.

Enter, the pimple patch.

(Credit: Image: @haileybieber)

From micro-darted versions that promise to penetrate blind pimples, to patches designed to target the dark spots that whiteheads often leave in their wake, the market for pimple patches is far and wide ranging.

As a result, when you find yourself with a pesky visitor on your complexion, it can be hard to know which product is right for you.

Here, marie claire editors are sharing their tried-and-test favourites, for every kind of breakout.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, $7.9 from Adore Beauty


These patches by Korean skincare brand CosRX are a classic for a reason. I typically use them overnight as they’re great at drawing out the gunk while you sleep, but they are pretty invisible if you wanted something discreet throughout the day. Finally, the price is right at less than $8 for a pack of 24. 

Rebecca Mitchell, Senior Digital Writer

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Duo, 8.76 from iHerb

I consider myself a connoisseur of pimple patches and these lead the pack. I find that some pimple patches can leave my skin red and dry after I take them off but these actually help to heal the spot faster and they don’t use harsh chemicals that can inflame sensitive skin. The duo pack includes daytime patches that blend seamlessly for those outings you can’t avoid and powerful nighttime dots that work wonders while you sleep.

Isabelle Knevett, Senior Digital Content Producer

Patch It Up Everyday Patches, $19.95 from TBH Skincare


These patches work magic on even the biggest ‘Mount Vesuvius’ like pimples. I find they are brilliant and sucking out all the gunk from the offending pore but they also help to reduce pigmentation after a big spot has been eradicated. The hydrocolloid patches speed recovery, correct pigmentation, reduce swelling and remove congestion – and I’m simply obsessed.

Cassandra Green, Senior Digital Writer

Killa Kit, $39 from Zit Sticka


They don’t call these zit ‘killas’ for nothing. These are my patches of choice when I feel an unwelcome visitor bubbling under my skin. I apply at night at the first signs of a breakout, and the micro-darts penetrate the pimple with skin-loving ingredients, to stop it from developing into a full-blown whitehead. What more could you want?

Kirsty Thatcher, Digital Writer

Dermalogica Deep Breakout Liquid Patch, $55 from Adore Beauty


While pimple patches are amazing, they can get expensive if you’re dealing with a big breakout. I find the Dermalogica liquid patch is the perfect option for ‘that time of the month’ when acne can run rampant. Simply apply, leave to dry, and the colloidal sulfur-based fluid will dry out even the angriest of spots. 

Cassandra Green, Senior Digital Writer

Urban Jungle X Karina Irby Beauty Spots, $26 from Sephora


Pimples might be ugly, but these patches definitely aren’t. From Florence Pugh to Hailey Bieber, a host of celebs have found the silver lining in annoying breakouts, in the form of the cutest pimple stickers. Of course, efficacy is important too, and these ones by Urban Jungle do the job and look adorable in the process. Win win!

Kirsty Thatcher, Digital Writer

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