13 Of The Best Silk Pillowcases To Help Save Skin, Replenish Locks And Sleep Soundly

A silky snooze

From childhood to adulthood, sleep only becomes more important for the body. And while the quality of one’s slumber isn’t determined by the pillow’s fabrication, a successful beauty sleep can be achieved with the simple swap to a silk pillowcase.

Aside from securing eight hours of shut-eye, the type of pillowcase one rests their weary head on makes the world of difference when it comes to keeping skin and hair hydrated—which is a must-have with the dry winter air fast approaching.

Made from a natural, renewable and biodegradable fabric, the composition of silk is not only more eco-friendly than cotton, but your complexion, your locks and your bedroom’s aesthetic will thank you later.

When it comes to the skin, a silk-riddled slumber means less friction between the face and the fabric, meaning that tossing and turning through the night won’t leave marks on the face come morning, that no amount of foundation will cover up.

As for skincare, silk is far less absorbent than more popular bedding, like cotton, which means that oh-so-expensive skincare products will spend the night seeping into the skin, rather than transferring to the pillow.

For those who fight frizz or simply prefer to steer clear of dry tresses come winter, a silk pillowcase is a worthwhile investment. Thanks to the silk’s smooth surface, hair isn’t pulled throughout sleep and the lack of friction leaves strands and hair cuticles smooth, bidding adieu to damage and frizz.

And as a result of its moisture repellent properties, locks remain hydrated and retain moisture, meaning less dreaded split ends and healthier hair overall.

Ready to improve your beauty sleep? Below, 10 of the most chic and beneficial silk pillowcases that you can buy in Australia.

Silk Pillowcase
(Credit: Shhh Silk)
Silk Pillowcase
(Credit: Sephora)

SHOP: Queen Size Silk Pillowcase in Pink by Slip, $95 at Sephora.

Silk Pillowcase
(Credit: Go-To Skincare)

SHOP: Face Case Silk Pillowcase, $65 at Go-To Skincare.

silk pillowcase
(Credit: Hardtofind)

SHOP: Cream ‘Sleepy Head’ Pillowcase, $99 at Hardtofind.

Silk Pillowcase
(Credit: Bed Bath N’ Table)

SHOP: Morgan & Finch White Label Silk Pillowcase in Navy, $67.96 at Bed, Bath N’ Table.

Silk Pillowcases
(Credit: Adairs)

SHOP: Home Republic Pure Silk Shell Pink Pillowcase, $71.99 at Adairs.

Silk Pillowcase
(Credit: Sheridan)
SHOP: Lanham Silk Pillowcase in Spearmint, $129.99 at Sheridan.
Silk Pillowcase
(Credit: Pillow Talk)

SHOP: Mulberry Silk Pillowcase in Light Grey by MUSE, $71.96 at Pillow Talk.

(Credit: Country Road)

SHOP: Silk Pillowcase in Shadow, $79.95 at Country Road.

Silk Pillowcases
(Credit: THE ICONIC)

SHOP: Queen Pillowcase Invisible Zipper Closure in Gold by Slip, $95 at THE ICONIC.

Silk Pillowcase
(Credit: Silk Maison)

SHOP: Dual Colour Matching Silk Pillowcase in Powder Pink and Silver Grey, $59 at Silk Maison.

(Credit: LiliSilk)

SHOP: Silk Pillow Case in Dark Teal, from $89 at LilySilk

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